10 Tips to Protect Facebook Profile from Hacker

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Hello! I’m going to tell you top 10 ways to protect Facebook account from hacker. Now days, hackers are implementing dangerous unique method to spoof your personal data from Facebook. We all know Facebook is also being used to login other website. Hence, you should never compromise in enhancing security of your Facebook profile.

  1. You must change your password weekly. Use at least 2 symbols in your password. Keep in mind that after clicking change password buttons you must select ‘Logout from all devices’ option.update password
  • So, your all allowed app such as Facebook for Android will requires new password to access.
  • All authorized Access Token will be expired.
  • Live Token will also need to be doing refresh after successful Facebook login.
  • All login activities from unrecognized device will be logout.
  • Hence, there will be less chances of ID lock problem.

2. Checkout Facebook App settings. Remove all unwanted application which you have grant permission in past. Also, Remove those application from settings menu, which you are not going to use in future. For better clearance, first delete that profile-app which are connected to your Facebook Profile. Then remove their App from Facebook Settings>Apps.

3. If you are very concern about Security of your profile, so keep up-to-date your privacy settings as per your need. Don’t advertise your Email address and Mobile Number in Profile info section which you have used for creating your account.

4. Set Login Alert via Email or Mobile Number. Mobile alert only tell device name and login attempt real time. But in Email, you also get information about IP Address and Network Carrier. Using this facility you can keep record of login attempt.

5. In Facebook Security settings, keep update your trusted contact list. Remove those profiles which you don’t trust or you can’t contact easily in future.

6. Solution, if you forgot to logout anywhere wherever you use your FB profile like Cyber Cafe, other College computer. Go to Facebook Settings>Security>head over to ‘Where You’re Logged In’ to manage Active Session; click End Activity for unknown login. You should also Remove unrecognized Device from Settings>Security Option.

fb security tips

7. Remove those Email address or Phone number on which you have no control for access. I highly recommend you to keep a different E-mail address and phone number especially for Facebook.

8. In your Facebook Settings, Check Email address and Mob number to verify that those are really belongs to you or not. Also, Keep eye on your Primary Email. If you find any suspected Email address or Phone number, you should instantly remove them from your Account.

9. Dear friends, Beware of Phishing Attack. If you see suddenly login page, you should always check for verification of original URL of Facebook. Keep in mind that Facebook URL always starts with HTTPS e.g.

10. Few very useful tips to enhance Facebook Security.

  • Never update status like – ‘I will be offline for next 2 days’. So, the hacker will know about a great time when they can target your account in your absent.
  • If you will use lots of Facebook Id and you have shared too much info publically in all ids, then you are more likely to do not manage even single account properly.
  • In India, I have seen 78% people don’t know anything about Facebook ‘Privacy Settings’. I highly recommend you to set proper privacy settings before updating any Status, Photos, Notes, Videos, etc. on Facebook.
  • Never generate access token for sharing with unknown website. Eg. ‘CAAAAAAAAAAASNIXRELASJKTSKOOOCLQLSA…’
  • Beware of such notification/messages/posts who try to convince you for changing Facebook color blue to red, increasing likes or followers. Don’t follow or guide other for such misleading guidelines after all that can bring you into even in legal trouble. Suppose, according to hacker guidelines if you will paste some malicious JavaScript code into Browser Console, you will be victim of XSS attack. The time when you press enter key after pasting code. You don’t know how much suspected things you did on Facebook in less than 10 seconds.
  • Now a day, there are trend in some user of Facebook for increasing likes on photos by using ‘Auto Liker’. Have you ever thought about surprising fact of auto liker? The site owner can not only exchange access token with other, but they can also sell your personal access token to other person. No matter how honest auto-liker’s owners are but then also it automatically get exchanged by other. Other user can also use your access token for liking, commenting, posting or sharing any annoying post. I would suggest avoid such websites who claims such shortcut way of getting popularity on social media.
  • Keep up-to-date your Facebook account Security at Facebook Settings>Security.(www.facebook.com/settings?tab=security)
  • Checkout Activity log, if you think your account is used by someone else.

  • Secure your account here if you think your profile has been hacked Go to https://www.facebook.com/hacked/

    Bonus Tips: I highly recommend you to keep yourself always up-to-date about latest security changes and guidelines via official Facebook Security page.

  • Important Link
  • https://www.facebook.com/account_cleanup

If you know any more tips, let share it through your comments.

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