What is eBIZ.com Pvt Ltd & Who is Dr Pawan Malhan


Hi, Gulshan here. I’m an Ex-eBIZER from Deoghar, (Jharkhand). From my experience of working in eBIZ.com Pvt Ltd for more than 3 yrs, I’m going share the EYE-OPENING reality from various credible sources. No hype! No bullshit.

Ex-eBIZER Gulshan Kumar
3rd Nov 2012, Faridabad, at National Convention

If you have recently attended the eBIZ presentation, you might be wondering with these questions.

If you want to clarify your all doubt and question of your minds, just read this article with an open-mind. I keep updating this article with latest hot updates. So, please don’t waste time in searching for eBIZ anymore, Bookmark this page now.

For your kind reference, this article is also available in the Hindi (हिन्दी) language.

Get Rich Quick Schemes EXPOSED by Abhishek Mishra

Kind attention! Nowadays, a very latest fashion is trending in the market. Like say, a pre-planned presentation is organised in 5 Star Hotel or Auditorium, especially on Saturday or Sunday, based on the name of the 90-min Life-Changing event, IT sector, self-development, etc.

One person comes to the stage, and they follow up everyone – This is our XYZ company. Pay Rs 10,000 for computer courses, but don’t share its business plan from your parents; and earn up to 32 Lakhs (An example) in 1 year. You might be wondering, what’s the real catch behind these all scene!

To make you understand the whole concept, here I’m sharing a very useful video (in Hindi) of famous YouTuber and Social Activist of India – Abhishek, who openly shared his thought on ‘Get Quick Rich Schemes’. You must watch this video to understand how a network marketing company actually works in India.

Unfortunately, this story is not just limited to Abhishek or few students. On 1st Oct 2012, another student from Mumbai, Shree also shared a similar kind of experience after attending the seminar. At last he said –

The suggestion of Shree after attending the eBIZ seminar for the first time.Read this post.

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eBIZ.com Pvt Ltd Company Details


Facts: eBIZ.com Pvt. Ltd. is a Noida, India-based network marketing company. It is incorporated under the companies Act 1956. This company is not approved by the FTC. They provide self-learning online computer courses and tour packages with optional Binary Compensation business plan. The current cost of their package is Rs 12,979. As per “Direct-selling and MLM guidelines of 2016”, no more eBIZ can charge any fees for renewal and meetings which is organised by the company or its representatives.

Company NameeBIZ.com Pvt. Ltd
FoundedIncorporated 8th Jun 2001
Company CategoryCompany limited by Shares
Company Sub-CategoryNon-govt company
Class of CompanyPrivate
SubsidiaryAgamya Retails
HeadofficeeBIZ House, B-18, Sector-63, Noida, UP, PIN-201301, India
Age of Company15 Years, 4 months and 18 days (As per 26 Oct 2016)
Managing DirectorPawan Malhan, Appointed 01 November 2004
DirectorAnita Malhan, Appointed 20 April 2009
Total active asssociatesApprox 50,000
EthicsHonesty, Passion, Truthfulness, Kindheartedness and Love.
Notable RoleProvides online computer courses tutorial in 17 Langs, Tour Operator
Business Model for Associates(MLM) Multi Level Marketing aka Network Marketing
Main ProductseBIZ Holiday Accommodation Package, Advanced eBIZ Educational Package
Maximum Package CostRs. 12979 or US $400 (May vary according to package)
Terms & Conditionshttp://www.ebizel.com/legals.php
Max PayoutRs. 2.5 Lakh/week
Success rate0.0001%

People who are working in eBIZ.com Pvt. Ltd. are officially known as representative; commonly spoken as eBIZER or the associate in the community. They claim “this company to be the ‘Highest tax paying company of Noida’ and ‘India’s top Network Marketing company’ too. According to them, the motto of this company is to provide computer literacy to all ages at the reasonable price, and network marketing/MLM business opportunity to get success in life. In 2001, eBIZ was just started from 100 families. Till today this company has 45 Lakhs associates, and its turnover is more than 1000 Crores. Today, you may feel lots of progress in the lifestyle of ebizers of eBIZ.com Pvt Ltd.” [Citation needed]

pawan malhan
Dr. Pawan Malhan

Last 15 years ago, eBIZ.com Pvt Ltd was launched on 8th Jun 2001 by his Highness Dr Pawan Malhan Sir. At present, he is the Managing Director of eBIZ.com Pvt Ltd.

In an interview, he said that “In 1996, entered into network marketing industry; later in 2001 he started his network marketing company in India called – eBIZ.com Pvt Ltd as a mission not by a business point of view”.

Through his work, he has been shown the right path to lakhs of students to live a good life with moral values. In the whole eBIZ community, I trust and highly respect only one person, and he is non-other his Highness Dr Pawan Malhan sir. As a student, I will always be grateful to him forever, for what I learned from him.

Dr Pawan Malhan Sir

Video by: Ashutosh Suman


The Best Alternative of eBIZ

I’m telling you the answer to this million dollar question.

3 Reasons why the #youth should join the #Indian Armed Forces https://t.co/SWenoCqzab

— Gulshan Kumar (@TheGulshanKumar) October 15, 2016

For people: The alternative of this company may be a new competitor Kanwhizz Infra Corporation India Limited. Moreover, Sarosbiz, Dewsoft or Amway network marketing company are also on this list. Since their products & binary-compensation business plan are also similar to the eBIZ.com Pvt. Ltd.

For me : Very late, but finally I came to know that ‘at least running a Dairy Farm is 100 times better than joining any network marketing company‘. Why I’m saying so, just keep reading this article you will get your answer.

The Most Popular News Mention

This company name has been featured on many great authentic websites of Internet. Here’s a list of the EYE-OPENING news reports and credible mention of eBIZ.com Pvt Ltd.

    1. 1st Sep 2016: In a strong order against central excise authority, Delhi High Court asked it to refund the service tax amount paid by eBIZ, observing that the deposit was made the money under “coercion and duress” through the “unwarranted” arrest of Pawan Malhan. “Delhi High Court says that DGCEI had acted with ‘undue haste and in a reckless manner

    Important point: Any delay in refund beyond the said period(within four weeks) will make the DGCEI liable to pay simple interest at 6% per annum on the respective amounts from the date on which they became due in terms of this order till the date of payment,” the court said in its ruling.

    Further reading
    The Economics Times: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/small-biz/legal/delhi-high-court-orders-return-of-fines-to-travel-sites/articleshow/53972755.cms

    The Hindu: http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-national/tp-otherstates/refund-service-tax-to-three-firms-high-court-tells-excise-department/article9067666.ece

    Bloomberg Quint on 27th Sep 2016: “The apex court issued notices to all the three companies allegedly involved in the tax evasion case – MakeMyTrip, Ibibo, and eBiz.com.” Read article at http://www.bloombergquint.com/business/2016/09/27/apex-court-stays-delhi-high-court-order-that-found-makemytrip-officials-arrest-illegal

    1. News of 21st Jan 2016: Times of India published that Dr Pawan Malhan sir arrested by Officials of Directorate General of Central revenue authorities for allegedly evading service tax worth crores by declaring the company as a ‘tour operator.’ I was shocked, and sorry felt when I came to know; they sent to Tihar Jail on judicial remand. Ref: Times of India report. According to TaxIndiaOnline website, later he gets bail.
    2. Regarding a case, eBIZ.com Pvt Ltd got mentioned on Delhi High Court official website.
    3. On 7th Aug 2008, The Hindu published “11 students held on cheating charge“.the hindu
    4. Again, The Hindu published 10 held on the charge of cheating people. The district police arrested 11 students, including an IIT, Chennai, student, on charges of promoting a multi-level marketing scheme in the name of e.BIZ.com Private Limited.
    5. 1 Dec 2010: Moneylife Personal Finance Magazine published an article “eBIZ.com uses MLM Route to dupe students with IT package.”
    6. Dainik Bhaskar published that कम्प्यूटर ट्रेनिंग के नाम पर तीन साल से कर रहे थे फर्जीवाड़ा, तीन हजार से ज्यादा लोगों से वसूले करोड़ों
    7. ACIT, Noida Versus Ebiz Com (P) Ltd. – 2015 (10) TMI 813 – ITAT DELHI. You can find more information regarding this case via below credible references.

    8. In Newspaper – Has been featured in Prabhat Khabar, The Indian Express, Hindustan and much more: ebizel.com/pressreleases.php
    9. TV Channel – Sahara Samay appreciating eBIZERs for Blood donation. [Source: YouTube Video]
    10. Bhaskar report of 1 Oct 2014: ई-बिज्ज कंपनी के आठ कर्मियों को मिली जमानत
    11. Amar Ujala News report: भारत सरकार को 20 करोड़ की चपत लगाने वाला गिरफ्तार

    Read this news section in Hindi

    And, this is a screenshot from Google Search Engine Result page. You can visit this page directly by clicking on this image.

    ebiz fraud
    This screenshot of Google Search Results, displaying the real reviews and feedback about eBIZ.

    Update: 30 March 2016 : Ponzi schemes drawn up legislation to curb – http://naidunia.jagran.com/national-ponzi-schemes-drawn-up-legislation-to-curb-696102. I came to know about this news just today morning when was reading newspaper of Dainik Jagran. Below you can see the scan copy of paper-cutting.

    Click to zoom | Source: Dainik Jagran News Paper

    eBIZ Computer Course List

    The Good part: eBIZ has recently updated some good courses in Free basic eBIZ Educational Package.

    These are not my words; An eBIZER say “The computer courses of eBIZ are well designed for beginners to an advanced student.”

    I say– The quality of courses must be improved. I found so many incomplete tutorials which really create a poor experience when you go to do the follow-up of any guest, and you not found animated video in all courses.

    Let me give you an example – If you go for reading C, C++, C#, Computer Hardware, you will find there are no properly animated tutorials. If I talk about offline 7 Cd’s, it is somehow useful to some extent, but the sad thing is – it includes only a few computer courses.

    eBIZ Offline CD's
    5 CDs of Hindi & English Computer Course, 1 CD loaded with some software including Typing tutor and last 1 CD is for English Learning.

    The Good Part: Learning typing was never comfortable for me, but from its software, I enjoyed learning to type. It’s another matter that till today I broke two keys of my Laptop too :)

    Terms & Conditions especially for education part:-

    Source: education.ebizel.com

    These are those publicly available terms & condition, which newbies like you often don’t know before joining eBIZ. I came to know that these are those terms which also reflect directly on business part, and affect sales and commission.

    First thing, here earning commission is not easy as you are thinking right now.
    Even after joining eBIZ, in the big meeting or training session rarely anybody talks about this fact.

    As per eBIZ terms, it is necessary to do signup of 1 free students in every six months. The total free subscription will be two in the complete one year. If you miss following so, your earned commission will be (stopped) go in vein.

    For instance, let’s consider – These terms & conditions are good for encouraging leaders to promote computer courses to masses, for them who can’t afford. Sound good. But the fact is – It was a bad experience, due to this T&C were becoming a headache for them who never took the time to learn computer courses and join eBIZ only for earning (32 Lakhs). And, this business is about complete dependency on downline, so its create a big problem.

    See, how this effect badly:- Suppose, If my downline “A” is Gold Associate, and their ‘Love line’ (cross-line) – “B” is a budding(upcoming) Gold, and I’m supposed to be the Diamond Associate, at this condition if my downline earned commission get stopped due to these silly reasons. I’m damn sure; chances are they might quit eBIZ because they lost result of their hard works. No matter, after then how much you do the follow up to them like a new guest (Doubt clearing session /after presentation).

    Why does this happen? I have seen many people, if they start doing eBIZ, they forget about House, parents, and everything… So, in this condition.. this frustrating experience is apparent.
    In my group, few leaders anyhow forget to do these free registration on the name of any identity.

    Facts behind the scene: The website, even considers fake sign up of a free student. And, for that nobody is a concern. Look like, it’s just a formality.

    If you promote to the student of rural area, their Internet data plan is much expensive in comparison to regular Wi-Fi plan. So, I believe, this package is much expensive even after being “free of cost”.

    Speaking about the quality of courses? I think, rather eBIZ free or paid plan; any interested student can get much better knowledge of coding, programming at W3School or Codecademy, Khan Academy, etc.. And, the best part – all are free to access and reputed brand on the Internet. So, you don’t have to worry about quality and updated knowledge. Not like, who the last update in 2007 and run their course till 5-7 years. This is the IT sector, where rapid changes are going on. So, always go for best, not for average :)

    Now, Let me come back to my point!
    That’s why few people even say that – These rules of eBIZ, look like an excuse for dropping the earned commission only. Because, if it is a concern to the mission – May eBIZ were concerned like paid associate, for checking at least the resume of free students. But, this reality far not exists in the real sense.

    eBIZ Network Marketing Business Plan

    It is based on Binary Compensation plan. Means, here you can make money if you will follow 2:1 ratio.

    Pro: As eBIZERs claims -The business opportunity of eBIZ is 100% legal and you can achieve great success. The company is ISO Certified 9001:2008 and it’s Incorporation number is u72200DL2001PTC111183.

    Certificate of Incorporation + ISO

    Cons/Myth: People say – After online registration, they don’t provide any Identity card as proof that you are a right employee(ebizer) of this company.

    Fact: Let me debunk this myth, It is clearly written under Contractual Terms and Conditions-

    An Associate is not an Employee or any other Legal representative of the company or its service provider. The relationship between the company and an Associate is governed by the Terms and Conditions as laid down in this agreement will come into being only when this Agreement is agreed and accepted online by any Purchasing Associate

    Ref: http://www.ebizel.com/legals.php

    2 Reasons Why I Joined eBIZ

    Today, I’m an ex-associate of eBIZ.com Pvt Ltd. 4 years back, 24th May of 2012, with much more craziness and blind trust I joined in eBIZ.com Pvt Ltd with three positions. The time when I had entered that time package rate was small – INR 9,556 only, today it has been increased to INR 12,979. It was all about making money, and I had a dream of becoming a computer expert.

    Believe me dear; I had only two reasons for joining eBIZ –

    1. I was brainwashed. Since for very first time I came to know about the India’s Youngest Crorepati via eBIZ and the person was none other Little Angel – Late Sunny Arora Sir. He was a born True – leader. When I saw him through a YouTube video, I felt very inspired. So, me too wanted to become Crorepati within next 3-4yrs :D
    2. My second reason for joining eBIZ was its 65 computer course which is provided in ‘Advance eBIZ Educational Package’. Well, Indian people has the tendency to learn everything quickly. Like everybody I also thought that – yes, what can be the better opportunity than this. Here I’m going to learn 65 courses, not just 2 or 3.

    Let me tell you a short story about me that will clarify you why I purchased Advance eBIZ Educational Package. Since childhood, I love to explore computer related stuff. When I was studying in standard 3, I completed Diploma in Computer Education. When I was studying in standard 6th class, I created my first website of my life. Today, I’m a professional Blogger.

    Fact: In the presentation, everybody said that the 65 computer courses of eBIZ.com Pvt Ltd are interestingly designed at one place. That is why I had joined in eBIZ just after completing my 10th Board exam. Date: 24th May 2012.

    eBIZ House Office Location
    You can reach eBIZ House at this address. B-18, Sector-63, Noida, UP-201301, India.

    For any enquiry, send email at support@ebizel.com
    eBIZ House Phone Number is +91 120 4352941, +91 120 4352942

    My eBIZ Journey of 3 Yrs

    It was a memorable experience of attending the convention meeting of 3-4th Nov 2012 in Faridabad (Haryana).

    For the first time there I listened live speech of Dr Pawan Malhan sir and all top leaders of eBIZ – Er. Raghu Kumar Tekriwal, Er. Abhishek Dua Ji, Er. Keshav Singh, Mani Arora(brother of Late Sunny Arora Sir), Er. Gurinder Singh, Bipul Bhargav, etc. Also, I met with Sandeep Kedia sir.

    Mostly all these top eBIZERS were coming in Highest Earner of Week. It was releasing on every Saturday evening nearly 7:00 pm. I know very well getting mention own name with the picture in highest earner list at the ebizel site are being dreamed of every eBIZERS.

    Luckily, our team was very co-operative. I was an active leader of our core group(Top 3rd). Our working strategy in eBIZ was based in simple five steps.

    Work Strategy of People who Joined in eBIZ

    1. Invitation – Means bringing the guest(New people) to discuss the presentation, venue meetings.
    2. Presentation – eBIZERS organise presentation seminar based on Entry-pass system. Everyone have to maintain the promotion of senior uplines, presenter.
    3. Follow Up – After showing eBIZ presentation, A upline ask his downline about what is the status of your new guest? If downline says, my guest will not join, then he asks to bring him/her for follow up. It means motivating guest for joining the eBIZ business, demonstrating what you will get benefits.
    4. The Internet Follow Up – Except Googling! It is a process of showing information of eBIZ directly from the official website.
    5. Sign Up – It refers to buying the eBIZ product, either Advance eBIZ Educational Package and Holiday Accommodation Package.

    My Failure Story

    I’m not like others who feel shy to share their failure. Yes, I failed in eBIZ. So, frankly, I’m sharing my story in Hindi to give you some clear ideas.

    A wise person has said-
    Success stories will only motivate you, but failure stories will give you some ideas Click To Tweet

    मैंने ईबिज़ को 24 मई 2012 को ज्वाइन किया और पुरे 3 साल 6 महीने में मेरे 80 का टीम हो गया. मुझे अच्छी तरह याद है की, मैंने पिछले साढ़े 3 साल में ईबिज़ के काम छोर कर किसी भी पार्टी, फंक्शन, लम्बी यात्रा, दोस्तों से मिलना-जुलना बिलकुल नहीं किया. हर दिन मैंने लगभग 8 घंटे ईबिज़ में काम किया, चाहे वो धुप में मीटिंग करना हो, या बारिश में भींगते हुए प्रेजेंटेशन के लिए दौरते हुए जाना हो.. हर एक पल मुझे अच्छी तरह याद है. अगर मुझे किसी सीनियर ने बोले, आज रात 10 बजे ट्रेन पकर कर देवघर से रांची जाना है, तो मैंने बिना कोई सवाल-जवाब किये मैं सीधा मीटिंग के लिए रवाना हुआ.. चाहे घर से परमिशन मिले या ना मिले, कोई रोके या टोके मुझे इससे कोई मतलब नहीं, चुकी मुझे तो सिर्फ सफलता पाना था. मेरे बहुत सपने थे, इस लिए मैंने बहुत से चीज़ों का त्याग किया.

    बात इनकम की करू तो बहुत ज्यादा मैंने नहीं कमया, सिर्फ 5400 रूपये. और इतने दिनों में खर्च की बात करू, तो मैंने 1 लाख सिर्फ ईबिज़ करने के लिए खर्च किये. अब आप बताइए, क्या मुझे फिर भी ईबिज़ करना चाहिए था? नहीं ना…

    For your kind reference: Below is the screenshot of my first cheque which I had received from eBIZ.com Pvt Ltd.

    First cheque, I received from eBIZ on 17th Oct 2012

    2 Reasons Behind My failure

    1. I used to be mentally & physically torched by my parents just because I was promoting the eBIZ business plan. They were strictly against this kind of program of activities. Indeed, I believe They were right.
    2. In the beginning, when a new leader expects to get basic training of eBIZ, that time without any upline support I used to go to another state, other cross line team just for learning. I started working in eBIZ with first three eBIZERs of our city. The place where I started working, here all people were already so cynical about network marketing. After taking paper-plan/presentation, when I was going for doing the followup, people were ready to show the first page of Google Search Engine result page for various queries. I don’t need to explain about how much eBIZ reputation is good; you can see yourself on the web. Due to this reason, our upline so many time suggested to move to another city and work there where people are not so aware. Imagine, is it a solution? Finally, with my core team, I move from Jharkhand to Bihar. But there was also the same condition. In 2013, our whole team work completely stopped because an eBIZER who was working with us, he left his house due to his parent’s ignorant statement. For enquiry purpose, his parents also disturbed our whole team for six months and more (till he did not come back to his house). That time, nobody supported us well. It was a nightmare experience ever that whom we are suggesting to join, their responsibility came to our headache. So, this was totally risky for us to continue in eBIZ.

    Reality As Far From Personal Experience

      • Is there any scope of Success in this eBIZ.com?
        99% NO. In my view – It is very-very difficult to manage. If you have lots of money and lots of time, then you should only join. Here, you have to invest at every moment, like attending weekly meetings by going outside, venue Presentation, mobile recharge, etc. Many of expenditure only can be handled if you have lots of money already.
      • Computer Course is good for awareness. The certificate which you get after passing self-quiz is not recognised by any government body. This is a big downside of this system. BTW, you may learn basic of so many things.
      • Should a student promote any network marketing business?
        If you are a student under 18 years and you want to join eBIZ for making money. I strictly do not recommend any company. Don’t be too greedy, first of all; you should just focus on your study. Once you join, your mind may get divert for a long time.

    If you are a college going student, first of all, you should discuss with your parents, if they allow then you should only join. Here, you can’t say as guaranteed that you will start getting pocket income for yourself in next 2-3 months. It may take 1year, even more than five years. The income depends on directly upon the sales by you and your team. Another thing I have noticed in my journey, some new guys think – I will join 2 people, rest all my team will grow automatically. Oh! dear, this is your misconception. You have to work hard as long you will do.

      • Is eBIZ good for the student? I agree, It may be useful for improving communication skill, not for making money.
      • Is eBIZ Good or Bad for students? Truth is Shocking!

      • Should you take parent suggestion? Let me tell you, dear; parents are always right. I clearly want to say from you – If your parents are not supporting you, here is the priceless advice that you should not join. At the end of the day, sure you will realise that they were right. Sometimes in our life, it happens that we make a mistake to deny parents statement. But later we realise that what my father told me, one day it has been proved true. What my mother predict, it has always been proved as precisely. Therefore, I don’t go against my parent decision. I know if they have care me every mini-second to grew up then they are not my enemy. They are my first and best friend of my life.
      • Should a student leave study for promoting eBIZ?
        Oh! Never do this blunder mistake. If you do so, you will regret badly. Earning money for a while is an awesome feeling, building the own empire is also good. But if you want to earn more respect, and in future even if you have any other option (Dream) also, then also study is extremely important for you. You should not ignore at any cost. The most popular Ex-eBIZER of Mumbai, Er. Abhishek Dua also suggests that 18-24 are an age of study. So focus on permanent thing rather shortcut.
      • How eBIZER convince people for joining eBIZ?
        The only secret is money magnet and dashing smart personality can attract anyone.

    Money magnet is the big motivation factor :) Click To Tweet
    Also Read: Motivational Shayari of eBIZERs

      • Is Computer Course really so good?
        Back 4yrs, like every student I was also Computer and Facebook addicted. With deep curiosity of learning things, I purchased Advance Education Package at cost INR 9,556. Honestly, I studied so much, could learn only HTML in the right way. Overall experience, not so satisfactory. I think, perhaps I could learn much better from another place.
      • It is just good for foundation. You can’t expect to be a geek. I think, better computer education with the concept is only possible when you learn offline in any coaching or institute. I had a dream to learn C++ via eBIZ, But I couldn’t understand even the meaning of ‘C’. Similarly, I faced so many issues with many other courses. Well, I was not a novice, so I had never expected to get started with Windows 98 or XP(Such outdated courses).

    How much eBIZ is safe for future?
    Less than 1% people get success here. Yes, it is true that 99.9% people fail in this system because they do not ready to do hard work or couldn’t able to follow the strict Terms & Condition of eBIZ. It is clearly written on the official website, that you need to do hard work for success. The rule and regulation of company are very strict. The one thing which you can learn very effectively is Communication Skill. You can bet everyone from this talent. The mouth presentation is an excellent way to express anything.

    How To Cancel eBIZ Package & Refund Money?

    Recently, I had a conversation with a new associate who joined in the misguidance of a fraud eBIZER. My eyes filled with tears :'( after listening to the bad experience. Can you imagine? Just for taking follow-up of a new guest, how few eBIZERs are crossing their limit, as they keep annoying people for joining, attending presentation or follow-up meeting, etc. Shame on such guys!

    At least to such guys, I can’t call them by term ‘eBIZER’ or a ‘representative’, just because they do not even deserve this correct term.

    At present, If you are one of those kinds of guys and reading this article right now, very politely I want to ask you – Why do you use to forget your 5 ethics- Honesty, Passion, Truthfulness, Kindheartedness and Love; while doing Followup for joining?

    If you are also feeling misguided or cheated by any eBIZER, you should watch this video learn the procedure of cancelling eBIZ package and getting joining amount INR 12,979-860=12,119 as the refund. As per terms, for cancellation, you have 30 days time from registration date.

    eBIZ has no Life! Learn How To Get Refund Rs 10,880 in 1 Click

    Things you should know: If you’ve recently made Demand draft from Bank, then very first contact to your sponsor person/upline(via whom/DID you joined) ask them either they have sent Demand Draft(DD) or not. If not, then you can initially cancel your Demand Draft via Bank. You don’t need to do anything further.

    How I will receive the refund amount and how much time it will take to receive?
    – Dear, You will get refund amount via Multi-city cheque at your purchasing associate name. Once you follow the procedure of cancellation, It takes 90-100days to receive the amount. The mobile number which you had entered while signup, make sure you keep it turned on. Since you may get a call from eBIZ House for confirmation. If you have any doubt on cancellation, please visit http://www.gulshankumar.net/cancel-ebiz-package-refund-money to learn more in detail.

    Complete Details of official Website www.ebizel.com

    The official website of eBIZ.com Pvt Ltd – www.ebizel.com is hugely popular in these 10 cities of India – Jamshedpur, Patna, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Bhopal, Indore, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Pune and Mumbai.

    According to Google Trends, Interest over time
    The screenshot of the official website. Updated on 22.10.2016

    Economic Offences Wing Enquiry Report

    The inspector General of Police, UT Chandigarh, had ordered on enquiry on the basis of a news item published in the newspaper ‘Hindustan Times’ on 12.05.2005, labeling allegation against eBIZ.com Pvt. Ltd. (involved in selling their self-designed educational package/tutorials/software on fundamental learning language/usage of computers through multi-level marketing/referral marketing with defined business model), that is functioning of the company was against the provision of Prize Chits & Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act 1978.

    The matter was thoroughly enquired into and taking legal opinion from the Deputy District Attorney(DDA), it was found that functioning of the company did not violate any provision of the Prize Chits & Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978 or any other penal provision like Criminal Breach of Trust or Cheating under section 406/420 of IPC and/or any other Act. Therefore, no cognizable offence was found to be made out against the said company and consequently, the said preliminary enquiry has been closed/filled.

    Now from your common sense, you can understand yourself either this company is real or fraud!

    People often ask

    Is working in eBIZ safe for girl?

      • I don’t want to make any comment. May God’s bless you!

    Hey Gulshan, Would you recommend joining in eBIZ.com to your brother or sister?

      • Strictly NO. Once bitten twice shy! दूध का जला छाछ भी फूँक – फूँककर पीता है!

    Can you really achieves all dreams in eBIZ?

    Possible only, If your goal is much higher than your dream. My suggestion, don’t be solely dependent on one way.
    It is a case when it is impossible and you are wasting your valuable time if you have an unrealistic dream which contains only impossible imagination. When I was doing eBIZ, I had planned to earn huge and do own business. But, I failed to achieve this dream.

    Why don’t have mention at WikiPedia page or having any verified social media page about eBIZ.com Pvt Ltd?

    I think, WikiPedia publishes only genuine information cited from trusted sources, not a promotional advertisement or any promising article. Am I right? Yes! Due to this reason, earlier the Wiki page was created by someone, but now it has been permanently deleted due to the violation of their terms.
    – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EBIZ.COM_PRIVATE_LIMITED
    – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Articles_for_deletion/Dr._Pawan_Malhan

    Is eBIZ fake or legal?

    eBIZ.com Pvt. Ltd. (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) was incorporated on 8th June 2001 vide certificate of Incorporation No u72200DL2001PTC111183 under the Companies Act, 1956 (No-1 of 1956). According to eBIZER, the legality is very strong. Because this company is registered with ROC, it Incorporation number is also mentioned at Ministry of Affairs website. But, many times fraud cases has been registered too. So, it’s a matter of concern.
    Reference: Eight employees of e-biz company arrested for fraud [News Source: The Tribune]

    Is Computer Course Certificate is valid or is it registered by Government body?

    In order to evaluate their learning, Associates can take up online Quiz. Successful Associates are provided with an online certificate. Please note these certificates are not recognised by any institution or by any Govt. body . These certificates are only an indicator of some fundamental learning which has taken place.” See point (xxviii) at official website legal page.

    What ex-eBIZER think about eBIZ PACKAGE?

    Many Ex-eBIZER says– Out of 10 people, 9 don’t join eBIZ because the package rate is highly priced. People are just wasting time & money. Few even say that, online courses are available for free on web. So, why they charge higher amount?
    According to eBIZER – It’s huge rumor by anti ebiz people. They have been failed, perhaps they are shouting.
    I think – In every MLM, the core thing is its products. Everything has some pro and cons. When some people don’t feel satisfy from its package or business plan, it doesn’t mean they are against it just by expressing their personal views. eBIZER should understand this and respect everyone views.

    My ex-downline says
    Doing eBIZ, means cheating from self. Click To Tweet

    How to join eBIZ and make money with?

    Note: Personally, I don’t recommend joining any company who promote MLM. So, please think twice.

    To join eBIZ, you have to agree their Terms & Condition and you need to sign up online at ebizel.com via Demand Draft for purchasing any package. Apart from Computer education, they have also Tour packages called – eBIZ Holiday Accommodation Package. Recently, they have made few changes in their packages and a launched a new one too. Ref: www.ebizel.com/products.php

    The joining procedure of this company is by buying its online education and tour package via demand draft only.

    Once a person buys products, he or she gets a profile at www.ebizel.com with username, password, TID and DID. The package items such as ‘Advance eBIZ education package – offline-Cd’s’ or ‘Holiday Accommodation – ‘Agamya Watch‘, must have booklets it all receives within 45 days of joining.

    1. Username & Password: For accessing complete eBIZ Associate profile, education part and it supports channel.
    2. TID: In print receipt, Tracking Id is provided for updating Associate profile and for checking genealogy details such as earned commission or downline report, etc.
    3. DID: It is known for Distributor ID. It is used by the registered associate while referring eBIZ package as a sponsor.

    For getting success in this network marketing company, every eBIZERS will recommend you to read this book. ‘Shiv Khera’s Jeet Aapki.’ I have also read this book. It’s really a great motivational book with many inspirational stories. Me too recommend you if you want a happy life.

    9 Things You Must Know Before Joining eBIZ.com Pvt Ltd

    1. You must be at least 18yrs old, and 10th passed. I would suggest, do not sign up on the name of your Parents.
    2. From the date of registration, You will get only 30 days time to request for money refund.
    3. Your success in eBIZ depends on upon your hard work, consistency and luck of you and your team.
    4. Don’t forget to read this complete terms & condition page http://www.ebizel.com/legals.php & FAQs at your own responsibility.
    5. My valuable suggestion: Never hide business plan from your parents. Else, this will be your blunder mistake.
    6. If anybody is suggesting/forcing you, sell your precious pieces of stuff like cell-phone or jewellery, borrow loan for joining eBIZ, it’s means you are doing a huge mistake. You might be thinking of doing so because you can’t afford or your parents don’t allow. Think practically- It’s a business, where investment is needed at every moments.
    7. If anybody claims that computer certificate has value, it means they are luring you because you don’t know the reality. Why I’m saying this, because I have seen few eBIZERs just for making sales they tell such cheap lies, when any guest say I want to join eBIZ only for learning computer courses. Kindly, note the certificate you get in eBIZ is only for self-satisfaction! The certificate has no any value. It is not recognised by any govt body.
    Source: http://goo.gl/K3QclR
    • Please keep in mind, There is no system of offline form or half-payment for purchasing eBIZ products.
      If anybody claims that “Hey, give me amount as cash and I’ll reserve your position by contacting our senior upline, it means they are FAKE“. I’m not saying that all eBIZERS are being fraud. What I want to say is – many times these kinds of practices are mostly done by outside people.Few yrs back, In Patna(Bihar), I listen so many this kind of cases. So, I thought to alert you. In eBIZ, all in one is his highness Dr Malhan sir, and instead of him, I think nobody has right to change the company rules. Moreover, If I talk about legality, for Indian there is only one payment mode which is Demand Draft method. For your kind reference, below is the screenshot from the official website.

      ebiz payment mode
      Source: http://www.ebizel.com/paymentmodes.php

    My suggestion to dear eBIZERs: Keep remember these 10 important points.

    1. Never force anyone for joining in this company. As far I know, It is completely against the Terms.
    2. Never suggest any guest to sell their stuff for arranging money – Rs 12,979.
    3. Never promise that on your behalf, I’ll sponsor first 2 new joining.
    4. Never ever break eBIZ-ethics, be transparent.
    5. Avoid doing-too-much self-promotion of yourself, it only creates an ego-sense. Get inspired: https://youtu.be/kfU0dnJUFYs
    6. Never tell any lies to your guest for bringing in presentation, or never say falsely that “eBIZ computer certificate is govt certified.”
    7. You should never do False Commitment / emotional brainwashing in follow-up.
    8. Please be transparent. Never hide about renew or cancellation policy in the Presentation
    9. Kindly note: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) cautions against multi-level marketing firms: https://rbi.org.in/scripts/BS_PressReleaseDisplay.aspx?prid=32908
    10. This is a kind suggestion to all eBIZERs who organise venue in Hotel Hall or Auditorium. “Playing loud music in presentation hall doesn’t make you a high profile celebrity. It just creates a show-off sense. This is a big reason of time waste and thus every guest’s parents feel worried when they get late than expected time. Now you may think- Oh! How can I stop this, it creates an enthusiasm environment. My dear, please respect other time and also think about those heart patient who feels disturbed by loud music.”

    Useful article, Must Read:-

    Overall Verdict: 2/5

    What’s Damn Awesome? (Advantage)

    1. After getting the failure in eBIZ, I could learn better ‘the value of time.’
    2. It is the best community for improving communication skill. I’m also very inspired from Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi.

    What’s so worst? (Disadvantage)

    1. Any associate work in eBIZ as an independent contractor. This company is good at some extend but few people common-unethical practices make it so bad. It is often heard that some guys force their Guest and lure in this way – If you want to have a successful life, sell your RS 70,000 worth Mobile phone, also sometimes they push for taking Bank loan, borrow from friends and relative, selling gold, ring, silver chain just for joining eBIZ. I’m really sorry to say, but It looks like very common cold marketing legacy from senior upline to junior. I really don’t like this kind of recruiting procedure. So I left, moreover, it’s really risky that has no guarantee that anything you will be able to recover back. If anyone is saying do so, don’t get excited.
    2. Not just you; if your Downline couldn’t make Team (sales), ultimately you will fail in this system.
    3. According to some eBIZERs, there are few morons in the eBIZ Basic training which cause a death of common sense in the difficult situation.
      Your upline is always right. If you think he/she is wrong, read the first line once again.
      SYSTEM (See Your Success ONLY Through eBIZ Mission).
      Ref: See these training page on Google
    4. I don’t consider this little point as cons, just I am sharing because but few guys feel very surprised, why they deduct Rs. 170 from each earning!
      business plan income

    Critical Alert: Not all eBIZERS are being honest, few are even being fake from other companies who take money from people by telling lies/false promises and they go away. This case is similar to duplicate convention pass issue.

    This article you can also read in हिन्दी language.

    Highest Earner of this week!

    The Inside Story: It is a list in which all top leaders name you can see. The question arise in my mind- Why here is no name of older eBIZERs such as Sardar Sarabjeet Singh, Mani Arora, and so on? One day, suddenly I got a call from eBIZER Rahul Bora, while the conversation with him he stated – these leaders were demanding shares from Pawan Malhan sir, and that’s why they been terminated from eBIZ Business plan. Like Mohit Sardana, recently Mani Arora sir also started his own network marketing company.

    Other facts: When I was working in eBIZ, many of our top uplines were coming in this list. Unfortunately, they have been terminated from eBIZ due to some reasons. Including them, their 20,000 group size of the eBIZ team is no longer working. Few shifted to other company Kanwhizz, and few are no longer in network marketing. I personally asked them about these issues, they stated we had so some concern on the eBIZ package, that’s why we have been terminated and our cheque was stopped, and our name deleted from highest earner too. So Sad!

    RankingeBIZER NameEarning of Per Week (INR)
    1Sumit Bijaka250000
    2Bhupendra Kumar225000
    3Gurinder Singh168700
    4Udit Chawla137400
    5Arun Solanki128150
    6Sharat R Iyengar96850
    7Vishveshwar Raghupati Algeri {Vishal Algeri}93700
    8Sahil Budhiraja{Saurabh Budhiraja}90550
    9Raghu Kumar Tekriwal81300
    10Mandeep Singh81300

    Other facts

    1. No matter either day or night, eBIZER always used to wish- Good Morning!
    2. eBIZ is mostly running in Mumbai, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Pune, Jaipur, Indore, Chennai, Kolkata, Banglore, etc.
    3. According to eBIZER, Bhupendra Pal, Udit Chawla, Sumit Bijaka, Er. Keshav Singh, Rajesh Mangani, Siddharth Vikram Singh, etc these all are currently top eBIZERS name whose teams are running in many states of India. [Citation needed]
    5. 90% people join eBIZ just in the shake off 32 Lakhs. Despite having computer literacy motto, the online data says only 10% people use education.ebizel.com for learning computer course. Another survey says, 90% people join eBIZ by telling their parents that I’m going to get computer courses.
    6. As per terms, I think an eBIZER responsibility is much higher than the company itself. Ref: 26 t&c page.

    What other People say about eBIZ? You may like to read

    eBIZER says: If you ever feel demotivate in eBIZ, just listen to the speech of Late Sunny Arora sir.

    Sir Sunny Arora ji – Motivational Speech by The Legend of eBIZ

    Video not showing? Kindly let us know.

    Turning Day of My Life

    The day when I left eBIZ, everyone were feeling regret very badly. Our all upline and downline went to depressed. The reasons, our whole team was so emotionally attached with eBIZ. In fact, it was the first priority of our life. Therefore, It was really a heart-breaking feeling for us that we had never imagined. I was completely shocked . I only know that after then how my first 6 month crossed…. I felt the real puzzle of time, as my dreams broken in a fraction of second. I was so embarrassed and thinking that how I will face my friends reaction in the real world … whom someday I have told or promised that one day I will show you my own Helicopter, Charter plane, etc.

    Final words: I wish that I had not joined this company. You should never take any important decision when you are over-excited or angry. People often do huge mistake in these two kind of situations. Mind it. If you have any urgent queries, you may contact me.

    I can live without eBIZ

    Now, please let me know what do you think personally about eBIZ? Don’t feel shy, please feel free do share in the comment section. Sincerely, Thanks!

    Disclaimer: I don’t commit either this information is 100% updated or correct. This article does not claim either this company or its any part is real or fake. All information are cited from various sources including what people says about this company. Readers are kindly requested to verify all info at own responsibility. For any misrepresentation or any loss, the author shall not be responsible in any way. I’m NOT an official team representative or associate of this company. Few yrs ago, I left working as an associate/eBIZER. Expressed views and opinion are personal, not intend to hurt anyone. If you want to contribute or report to this post, let me now. Constructive feedback always most welcome and would be highly appreciated.

    Working Experience
    Product and Service Quality
    Customer Care Support
    Trust Score
    Author Recommendation
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    Gulshan Kumar
    Hi there, I am a professional blogger from India. Writing content to solve the people's problems. For any urgent query, please write at admin@gulshankumar.net


      • Never join Ebizel company what is look is not that it is market you have to pay 10880 per year. Pawan Kumar known how to take money , Dr Gupta is also a liar . If you cannot make member than you are lost
        from Rawat old person of 2001

    1. Dear sir,
      I am already join the this organization but my 1 year is compleated & my id is block .I am asking for you my id is renewal time peiored.

    2. I have a doubt on this company whether it is legal or not..if its really legal then y they don't advertise there computer package to different colleges jab kuch aisa chup chupke kyu krte hai agr ye company famous hona chahti h toh college me b advertise kr skti h student ko job opportunity mil skta h

    3. I hve a question tht the certificat e which i got from the tsts can give me the job relability if it cant th how i say tht i hve the knowledge whn i fced any interview

    4. Sir I'm 17 years old my friend told me about ebiz and I attended venue meeting also I had interest to join in ebiz can u please give a suggestion to join or not?I read all information given above so please tell me about ebiz.

      • Hey Rahul, Thanks for visiting my blog. Let me tell you my personal opinion – I just don't recommend anyone to join this company or any network marketing. Obviously, you should NOT join even when you are just 17yrs old. It's may comes under violation of Terms & Condition also illegal according to Indian Government rule. Keep coming! Have a great day!

        • Hiii sir I really want to join eBIZ but my family is not sport to me and I have no money to join it .. Family saying to me you join it after one year bcoz I m passed 12th in year so I go admetion in clg. To mere parents bol rhe h ki dgree k St ye ni o paayega or first year clg jaana pdta h or for back bgera lg jaengi to Na ye o paaegi or Na eBIZ..so plzz sir give me good suggestion to me..n my life thank uh so much sir..

    5. Sir i.want to ask that i a a little confused that should i join this or not as my only wish is to develop my fluency and to groom myself..help me

    6. This is the very worst company……as I felt when I had join it…so can't suggest anyone to join this,,why..because if you will join ebiz…you will totally gets deflect from your own path and also the time and money…and one more thing….you have been scolded by the people when you will go for promotion of ebiz…..

        • Let me explain you why a student should never join eBIZ
          Suppose, there is a water-pipe from which water is continuously flowing in high speed, now one day you make 5 hole into it. Resultant what will be? The focus will be less.

          Similarly, I believe student life is just for concentrating on education not for looking simultaneously on 5 things and get mind divert. Anyway, I respect individual decision, whatever you will feel best you can go with. But remember, at end of the day if you will fail, then except a real friend nobody will have time listen you .
          Read more at this article : www.gulshankumar.net/is-ebiz-good-or-bad-for-students/

        • Kya Bhaiya aap bhi na, ebiz m maximum students hi h,, or wo success bhi ho rahe h..,…
          Students education pr focus dete h kamyab banne k liye, ebiz bhi logo ko kamyab banati h………
          Jindagi katne k liye education jaruri h, jindagi jeene k liye education ka door door tak koi connection nahi h…..
          Or rahi meri bat,, I will get great success in ebiz.
          I believe myself

        • According to me, if one person say something about anything, it means, it is not necessary that it is right..,..

          Jo mere dost certificate k bare m jankari Lena chahte h…
          To apka favourite actor kon h…… Salman khan, shahrukh khan, amitabh bacchan,… And many more.
          To batao aapne Salman khan ka acting ka certificate kab dekha, shahrukh khan ka acting ka certificate kab dekha……………. Sirf kabiliyat Dekhi…
          3 idiot ka dialog to yad hi hoga…….. Kabil bano kamyabi jhak markar pichhe aayegi…… So ebiz logo ko kabil banati h..

        • Oh really Bhaiya ji!
          To aap kabhi Interview mein jaana aur jab aapse education qualification pucha jaaye, to aap Yahi sab dilogue dena! Right?
          Mere khyaal se, Comparison wha hona chaahiye, ya ho sakta hai, jaha kam se kam saamne waali cheezey ek jaisa ho.
          Comparison should done with two related things. It should not with irrelevant things.

        • I was a part of ebiz in 2005 (age 18 yrs) and I had a great success after 2 yrs. I learned a lot from ebiz. After sometime everyone left in my city (No seminars, no meetings) & then I realise that I wasted my precious time just for a few money. dude you don’t realise it now ..later you will understand the results.

        • Sab realise ho jayega jab kuch bhi hath ni lagega.. aur ager lagega bhi toh tikega ni… Acha business khola h students ko chutiya banane ka aur lootne ka. Brainwash karta h talibani k jaise. I’m also an ex ebizer

    7. m quit krna chahti hu kch prblms ki wjh se kl hi join kiya tha to plz sr tell me ki process kya hogi money wapis lene ki plz sr reply soon

      • Agar apka draft ebiz house pahuch gya h to what par cancellation ja option ayega or nhi pahucha h then ask your upline jisne join krwaya to refund the draft and cancel that draft by bank or can call ebiz office the cancellation time according to ebiz and ebiz website to 30days

    8. hello, my friend recommend this ebiz and my parents are also allowing but i m little confuse to join it or not. I want to join it because of the course they are providing i just want to learn the courses.So my question is do they properly teach us on online or not? Today i m going to give the money so please reply.

      • Mam don't worry u are going to chose a verry bigg platform…..it will help u to achieve that position what u don't even have imagined

    9. hello, few days ago I join ebiz in was an worst experience. Everyone said not to do it but somehow I got influence from them please I need your help now I am writing an application to them for refunding my money what exactly should i write in query? It just has been 4 to 5 days I have joined ebiz they just cheat people and I don't want to do that even I am having money problem even I can't afford to attend seminar and training meeting because they charge for it after how-many days they will refund it?

      • Hello Shankar, eBIZ.com Pvt Ltd provides self-learning online computer courses package. After online signup, you will get your own username & password for accessing your profile at education.ebizel.com site. There you will get list of all computer courses. As you will select any courses, you will get all information page by page like e-book with few animated-video content at last. After completing any course, anytime you can participate in online quiz. It will be like mock test with set of 20/50 questions with timer of 20 mins/60 mins. The maximum score will be up to 100. If you will pass any quiz successfully, you can get your online-generated certificate through print out.

    10. Hello gulshan..
      I know the eBIz is nothing than worst, why people not understand and why doing this ” is any one want to be successful then why don’t he became his self if he capable or calling future milliner of the world his self…I don’t know yeh ebiz walo ne kya bhusa bhar diya hai Sab students ke ander..I know without knowledge nothing can happen but for prove the knowledge u required Enforcement ( certificate ) also…..voh kehte hai na had chiz ka bill Lena zaruri hai…….vaise hi kon kehta hai Certificate zaruri nai……..toh kya uske parents ne uska Birth Certificate kyu banaya….jab ki voh toh jita jagta achha bhala tha……
      So same har chiz me knowledge aur Certification dono ka hona zaroori hai…
      Aur Ebiz vale Sab ko successful kr rahe hai toh khud kyu nai hai……like Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani……..
      Meri mano toh yeh Sab CH****TIYA giri hai
      Only focus on studies
      Bhadme jaye yeh sab ……….ebiz is nothing more than my sh*t……….presentation me bulate hai voh bhi paisa leke aur sirf Sab ki Activa, Bike, Bmw , Car voh Sab rent pe lake dikhate hai, pata nai kal Jake bolenge mene tempo, truck, bulldozer, JCB liya ….
      In Sab ko lagta hai Activa Lena matlab Taj Hotel Kharid li hai.
      Activa, bike , BMW, truck yeh Sab lena hi zindagi ka maksad nai hai
      Leave all EBIZ AND ALL

      I’m very thankful to him for making this website for opening eyes of all Ebizes’s blind
      Once again thank you

    11. My Registration date is 22March 2016, mai quit karna chahti hui aap meri help karenge kya? Muze mere paise waps chahiye.Please help me. Mrs Vijaya

    12. Sir, maine bahut bar try kiya subject invalid nahi to subject me only 25 charactor allowed aise ata hai ab kya karu. Reply me please.

    13. Sir, ho gaya mera cancellation, abhi mai refund ke liye followup karungi. Thanks to you for your cooperation and support. Nahi to mai nahi kar pati. Thanks a lot.

    14. Hi gulshan
      all you said and mentioned on site is correct and i agree..
      i was a diamond associate .
      had a team of 1100+, i had a upline silver diplomat Mr Sanjay Bhargava
      who cheated on me..
      he kept my debit card along with him and used all my money, he ate all dd money around 7+lacs..
      he bought new car with it, he enjoyed with it..
      later on he ran away when his deeds were disclosed to all & later on due to him i had to suffer and pay the dd money back to the individuals..
      i lost respect i was named fraud and later on i left ebiz silently..
      then at sudden everything worked great for me.
      my time was utilised
      i got a job in jetairways headoffice as an executive then later on success continued and today i am AM of the Dept..
      i laugh memorizing that days…
      so guys who ever has read gulshans blog i recommend u NOT TO JOIN AND WASTE UR TIME & MONEY.
      ebizer me ghamand bhar jata hai later on..i know well cause even i was..
      brainwash mithi baate and all rubbish & sapne aur roz ka paise waste..
      sharam aayegi baad me..
      DON’T DO IT…
      Good Luck.

    15. Hello…sir I think you are right. I recently attend meting BT I think about to join ebiz.com I read ur story my decigan is change I am students also no time for this think everyone say that’s is part time….BT not part time this is full tym work thx a lot of to suggest me and read this for us.

      • Hi Neeraj,
        Yes, this is really a full time work. Today, you have taken 100% correct decision in your life. I really appreciate and it’s my pleasure that you understood my article well. If you found this article useful, please do share. Thank you so much.
        All the best!

    16. Hello sir, totally agree wid u
      got chance in 1st year n tb wo duniya mesmerize kr gyi maa papa ne kaha apne faisle khud krna sikho mene join kr liya but financial freedom nahi mila
      haa tention alag ho gyi
      today m an ex n living my life peacefully

    17. SIR, maine 6-5-2016 ko ebiz join kiya tha par mai quit karna chahati thi toh 20-5-2016 ko maine aapke bataye steps se cancellation process ki. lekin abhi tak mera account deactivate nahi hua hai.. mai kya karu request bhir se bhej du ya kuchh our dino tak wait karu plz jaldi bataiye….

      • Hello mam, aap fir se cancellation-request send kar dijiye. Fir bhi agar 1 se 2 din ke ander cancel nahi hota hai to aap eBIZ House mein call kar ke baat kar lijiyega. Okay.

    18. Hi sir…
      I read the whole blog given above. My frnd have joined ebiz and now he is forcing me to join. I am a 1st yr engg student. What should i do ? Plz show me right path.
      Thnx for d information…

        • hello sir, i have successfully canceled ebiz package and it shows login failed msg on screen..now i am waiting for my cheque.. thank you so much for your support..

    19. Hello sir.
      After reading ur entire article, I feel good about myself for quiting eBIZ.. I really thank you for providing a entire info about it. If I had known this very early I could have saved my 10k . Still.. Great work!!

    20. This ebizz is nothing more than bull sh_t…the morons so called Associates of ebizz shows the dream of becoming ambani birla, they think that this type of stupidity can make us millionare…they give the examples of limited people who earns some lakh rupees…what about those lakh no. of associates who struggles for their single member to join ebizz..the smart people will never join this bcoz they know the actual value of time n gud education…the one who want money so easy will only join bcoz they fear to struggle…But i personally recommend the people not to join this it might look easy policy to make money n you may make money with this but this money will not be permanent…bcoz it had some demerits too…. Be smart guys fraud n fake bando se shavdhaan!!!????

    21. hlw gulsan sir,
      sir mere case m thoda diff prblm h..actually m satisfied hu but m defence k liye prepare kr ri hu to I dont hav dat much time..n mene apne upline ko last four week hi hue h join kiye or unko m installmnt wise 9000 de chuki hu rest 1880 bchaa h abi n ab mjhe return chahie sir mene full paymnt ni ki to id pw to mila ni h mjhe den m mere refunding ki profess kya hogi..ll u plzz help mee.??

      • Dear, your admission is temporary registered. It has already been cancelled by company that means your upline have your 9000/- You can tell him to refund your amount.

    22. Hello sir
      You take a good decision by leaving ebiz
      My parents are saying not to join in ebiz before reading your post i want to join in ebiz but after reading this i don’t want to join
      Thank you

    23. Sir,
      Today i got a offer from a ebizer to join ebiz!
      I m confused.. Since im 18 i dnt have entry fee should i take a risk to join ebiz or not?
      Reply plz sir..

    24. Hello sir.
      Maine ebizzer hu. Kuch month phle maine join kiya. Pr apke blog ko padne k baad ab muje doubt h ki muje ebiz krna chaiye ya nahi, mtlb comp. Achi h ya nahi. , or aap ne likha he ki certificate govt. Nahi h pr. Mere upline ne to bataya ki ye iso proved hai. . ,plz help sir. Or mainr dipod b khol diya h. Pr main pure mahnaatt se yr krna b chata hu. O confuse. . ..plz plz sir

    25. sir very thank u for ur information bcos my frnd suggested me 2 jn in ebiz and am confused tat how is possible but ur post saved me from ebiz thnk u sir

    26. Hello sir, mene 3 days pahle cancel request bheji but mujhe msg nhi mila, jaisa ki apne kaha tha 48 hours me aa jaega abhi tak nhi aya,me kya karu.

    27. Hlo
      Mane ebiz ke favour mai DD banwa lia hau but wo abhi mare pass hai.
      Or muje meri online profile bhi mil gai by ebiz
      But .muje join nh karna ab..toh kya mera DD cancel ho jaega kya???

    28. I agree with each and every comment of Gulshan Kumar. If anyone says to join eBIZ then he hid from you it’s disadvantages and negative points because he also knows that to join eBIZ company was a wrong decision taken by him. So he thinks that he will get his money back by joining others and this is only the ways. But he is doing a BIG MISTAKE in life. Because it is not part time but it is wastage of time and money. If anyone wants to do business then first of all he should earn atleast as much money as he needs to invest in business.

    29. Jiwan ka sab se bada gyan mila toh wo eBIZ se mila

      Maa Baap kaun hain
      Society Kya hai

      What is the Value of Emotions

      And the Most Important thing Value of Study

      Koi upline jiwan bhar sath nahi rahega
      1saal ya 2saal ya 5saal
      But not for ever

      Only parents stay as pillar behind there with their children

      Dear friends Success ko pane k liye DREAM chahiye

      Khud ka Dream rakhen

      Aur uske upar kam karen

      Subhas Chandra had a tv Show on Zee Tv about enterprenuership

      Must watch on youtube

      Ekk Line jo sikha
      Pahele guzara karne k Liye kam karo fir baki cheez k bare me socho

      I am Preparing for competitive exams now

      And not only me in my town

      There were around 1500-2000students who joined eBiz

      But later everyone has been quited and now many r preparing for same.

      So dear friends before doing eBiz think a while.

      Not only eBiz
      But also others

      According to me just avoid
      And focus on what you have dreamt before

      If u want to be enterprenuer then read books of successful persons.

      Get all kind of ideas about it…

      Wish U all The Best For Valuable Time and Career

      And Thanks to Gulsan for this Good article


      • Hello dear,
        Congratulation for being a Silver Associate of eBIZ community. I’m glad to see you on my blog. I wish you for more success. You’re suggestion and feedback are always welcome.

        It’s story of quality moment, I read an awesome quote in a Tweet that changed my way of thinking – “It’s not matter what you see, it’s matter how do you see”. Similarly I believe, taking anything as positive or negative depend upon the in-front person, not on words.

        Yes, I also believe that everything has Pro and Cons. So, as you can see in my article that both I have shared. For example, eBIZER did blood donation, they are coming in weekly Highest earner list. That’s also, I have shared. Still some eBIZER think in such way about me! But, keep in mind, expecting just one way – is not a good thing. Well, people should know both side.

        If you have any valuable piece of information, you’re most welcome to contribute us in order to make this article more authentic.

        PS. As per our terms, I may require credible proof before updating anyway. If you are ready, you can notify me via email with detailed information.

    31. top worst company ever i seen .
      logo ko bewkuf bnakr apne laalchi pnjo me fsate he . not a little difference between a beggar and them . **** logo ko bula bula kr add hokr or pese deposit krne ki bhikh mangte he . lgta he khud ki jibdgi se jhnd hokr ye kaam me lge hue he . greedy persons seminar me participate krne tk ki fee lete he or khte he ki better education or self business line available krwate he..

    32. Dear Gulshan,

      First time I heard about Ebiz when I’m doing my MCA in 2006.On requesting of my friends younger brother I went to the seminar. Initially he said seminar is free but when I reached there he collected 100/- for entrance.There only I lost faith.In the seminar they are behaving like “Ebizzers are the millionaires in the world (oh God )”. After the seminar I felt why did I attended this crap.

      Daily my friend’s brother used to pressure me for joining Ebiz but I never listened to him and he use to tell me that, at one day I should take an appointment to meet him (crap :P) that was the level of the confidence or I say Ebiz team has brainwashed him.

      Same was the case with 2 of my MCA classmates.

      But anyhow in 2 years they realized their mistake of joining Ebiz or I can say Instead of spending their whole quality of time in studies they are working on marketing.

      Finally they left it. Now my friends brother is working in Infy and my classmates are for TCS.

      In my point of view government should not encourage anything like this because young people are wasting their quality time and loosing their dreams and even parents dream.

      Out of curiosity I’m asking you r u doing job as a software professional.

      • Hello, Thank you so much sir for sharing your valuable views with us.

        I think, the strategy of doing this business, targeting youth and every practice is same till today like 2006. No changes we can notice, except in the increment in the products package rate and terms & conditions.

        Glad to know about your curiosity, well I’m not software professional. My work is professional blogging. Basically, I write topics in technology niche.
        Thanks for stopping by!

        • sir agr aap bol rhe ho ki apki team 80 ki thi
          to m apko.bta du ki 50 ki team pe 32500 ki earning hoti h

        • Haahaa :D ye earning sirf Presentation mein dikhne aur sunne mein achcha lagta hai. Abhi aapko ye bhi pata nahi hoga, ki isi 32,500 ke liye maine Kitna papaad bele the. Uske baad bhi kya haath laga, eBIZ ne itna hell jaisa Terms & condition laga rakha hai ki saare ke sare mehnat pe paani fir jaate hain. Jab dekho tab, koi na koi reason se cheque rok dete hain, to kabhi team flush kar dete hain.. eBIZ ka to profit ho raha hai, par new associate jo hamne join karwaaye humaara to mehnat bekaar gaya.

          Itna hi kya, main to kehta hoon 1 saal mein Wo dikhaate hain 8190 ki team aur badle mein 32 lakh, thik hai to zara dikha do- Kitne log aaj tak earn kiye hain?? Apke to bahut sare upline pichle 1 saal se eBIZ mein work kar rahe honge, kya unhone earn kiya?? Nahi naa..

          Maine aaj tak sirf ek hi naam suna hai, Raghu Kumar Tekriwal, after then no one else. Do you know? It is very rarest thing, that out of lakhs of
          associates only 1 person has achieved so far in last 15 years. Aur isi ko eBIZER murkhon jaise comparision karte hain – so called “study/jobs vs eBIZ”. and they say, my life set and secure. LOL! :D Keep remember- Educated person ka har jagah ijjat hota hai, aur sirf 2 paise kama lene se kuch nahi hota.

          Please open your eyes my dear, still you have time, to re-think about your aim.

    33. hello sir , I am tarak , studying b.tech 2nd year .today i am asked me to join ebizer by my friend and also taken to the counselling hall.there I find the persons saying only about the positive things that we gain i.e., about the money , but I was confused whether to join or not .after reading your article , I was realised about that time wasting process and I thank you very very much for your post and once again thank u .

    34. Hello gulshan sir recently my two besties had join ebiz .i also went to the seminar with them but my heart didnt gave me permission to join it.1 week later they came to me and told me that shit line ” agar tune aaj ebiz join nhi ki to tu 3 sal bad hamari success ko dekh kar royega” so i decided to join ebiz tomorrow but thanks to god that i had read ur blog today and my eyes got opened.Now i will not join ebiz and also tell my friends about your blog.Thank you sir.
      By the way sir if i want to be a blogger what should i do.plz tell me

    35. Bhai gulshan 97days huye h aaj but mareDD ka koi aata pata Ni h kya 100days hone par aayga
      Mane time pr he aapna package cancil kr diya tha yadi 100 days pr be ni aaya to ma kya karuga

      • Hi Ravi,
        I do understand your problem. Don’t worry my dear. You will get your refund at registered address. It may takes some time. Because, this company do everything slowly-slowly, at other hand just while joining eBIZER force to do signup quickly. At this time, they don’t come to help out. Anyway, To confirm about refund status, you may get in touch with eBIZ house. Meanwhile, please keep patience.
        Best of luck!

      • Thanks for sharing your views. But, I’m not agree with your point. Computer education bhale guest ke parents se paise lene ka ek aasan tarika hoga, par hamein achichi tarah pata hai ek new guest ko join karwaane se pehle followup mein ya join karne ke baad Training meeting mein jitne baare bulaya jaata hai, waha education ka saayad hi zikra hota hai !! Education ke naam pe, aap log kya kar rahe ho bhagwaan jaane!!

        Few hottest questions, I wanna ask from every eBIZ associate.

        Please answer, if you say yourself a true eBIZer.

        1. eBIZER agar kisi ko bhi presentation dikhaate hain, to wo esa kuy kehte hain ki ‘Parents ko business-plan naa baateyein, ya kisi friend ko baatane ke liye mana kuy karte hain’?

        – Kya unhe kisi cheez ka dar hai? Agar ek new associate apne parents se business plan ke baare nahi baatayege, to mujhe aap baataye, join karne ke baad -Presentation Hall ya Convention Meeting ke Entry Pass Ke Paise kahan se laayenge? Mujhe sidhaa jawaab chaahiye.. (Aur udhaar bagera ka execuse hi mat do, Udhaar ka Ghar Andhaar hota hai. In short, due to money issue, misguidance spread in the team over upline/downline. So, I’m strictly against regarding this kind of unethical practices.)

        2. Kaha jaata hai ki,har kaam soch samjh ke karna chaahiye, fir itni harbari ebiz Sign up mein kuy?

        – Presentation dikhaane ke baad, Aap new guest ko sochne tak ka mauka nahi dete hain.. Jab tak ki wo join naa karein, aksar sunne mein aata hai ki eBIZER apne guest ko force/torcher karte rahte hain ki join-karlo, join karlo, even ghar pe jaakar bhi..
        Agar aap ebiz terms & condition padhein honge, to maaloom ho ki kisi ko v force karna terms ke against hai. To fir ye background mein kaun si tarah ki marketing kar rahe ho? Kya yah COLD marketing nahi hai??

        3. Ek new guest ya associate se bahut kuch chupaaya jaata hai? (Ye bilkul mere saath hua tha)

        – First 30 days, har koi bahut ijjat karenge, Because, they don’t want to tell a new associate can Cancel their eBIZ package and get money refund
        – eBIZ mein renew ka system hai, ye Presentation mein jikra saaayad hi koi eBIZER karte hain..
        – Aap saare cheezon ko Promotion kar sakte ho, to fir refund ke baare mein batane Sharm kuy?

        4. A question directly from our readers

        I have a doubt on this company whether it is legal or not..if its really legal then y they don’t advertise there computer package to different colleges jab kuch aisa chup chupke kyu krte hai agr ye company famous hona chahti h toh college me b advertise kr skti h student ko job opportunity mil skta h

        – ‘Learn & Grow mission’ kya sirf kehne ke liye hai? Humaare readers jaanna chaahte hain… Please answer


        • gulshan ji …aap ne shahii kaha …mere dimaag mee bhi yahi question hai..kyu ki maine sab jaan liya hai or mujh par sab bit gaya hai ..orr ha 45 din k baad cd pakage kyu ata hai…?
          >kyu ki 30 me refund ho shakta hai or hume tab pata nahin chalta ki cd keshi hogi… or jab hum ko pata chalta hai ki sabhi corse adhure hote hai …tab hum refund karna chahege orr hamra option 30 din tak khula rakheta hai.. or hum refund nahin kar paate…kyu ki 45 din ho gaye hoge … aise humein ebizer fashate hai…

        • Bro, aapne bilkul thik baat pakra, wahi to sochne wali baat hai.. Bhala 45 din ke baad company package kuy deti hai??

          Kya bataaun! ye sab tamaasha dekh kar to mujhe ye bahut bada mind-game lagta hai..

          Mujhe to kabhi-kabhi hairaani hoti hai.. ki kahi na kahi – yahi saare wajah hain ki aaj ke date mein highly intellectual & qualified person bhi aasani se phas jaate hain. Presentation se lekar followup tak sirf motivation ka hawa dekar ye log join karwa lete hain… aur baad mein jab kuch cheezein out of expectation rehta hai to ye log terms & condition na padhne ka haawala dete hain.. Balki, join karwaane ke pehle ye log itne gande tarike se aadmi ko gumraah karte hain ki ye logo sochne aur kisi se bhala ebiz ke baare discuss karne ka mauka nahi dete hain.

          In log ka ek hi kaam hai, jha weak paro- wha ek fake motivational diloge maar do..
          Jaise, followup ke time agar aap puchnege sir parents se kuy naa share karu? to bara betuka aur ek popular comparison sunne ko milega.
          – 3 Ghante ka movies (presentation) kisne dekha hai, aapne ya aapke parents ne?
          – To 3 ghante ka movies agar aap 3 min mein samja denge, to saamne wala banda kya samjhega…
          Hence, Guest = Brainwashed :(

          To ese, ese ye log manipulative dilogue dekar aadmi ko Brainwash karte hain…

          Mujhe bahut hi dukh hota hai ki main kabhi ese sara hua hua community mein tha, jaha log facts mein nahi balki sirf aur sirf fake-motivational-Dialogue mein yakin rakhte hain

          Denial: My intention of this comment is not to hurt anyone.. But I shared what I felt very badly.

    36. Gulshan sir plz my help mere jo Senior h vo meri help ni kr rhe h cancal krwane m vo bol rhe h esa ho jayge vesa hogjayga aapka pesa kabhi ni aayega jo mil rha h usse bi hath dhoona padega so plzzz my help sir kya m cancal kra do to koi porblm to ni hogi pese return to aa jayge na m bahut porblm m hk mne pese interat pr liye the or ab koi senior bhi sath ni de rhe to m vo pese kse chuokao to m canacl kro to khi dono side se hi ni fas jao plzzz help me sir plzzz sir

    37. There is also another companey named as Kanwhizz infra pvt ltd. Many frnds have joined this and they also try to convience me…and i’m confused about it whether to join or not…
      Do u have any inmation abt kanwhizz??
      And they always give example of Bipul Bhargav success aftr joining kanwhiz and purchasing audi aftr lefting ebizz

    38. Good morning..hello mr. Gulshan kumar.. i would love to ask u that how much u have been paid for all this and spending ur tym in this ol ?.. accept doing ur personal work..education o job whatever..

      • Nothing dear, you are thinking completely wrong. Let me tell you, this is my personal blog. So, I’ve shared my experience for my loyal readers. I want to let them know, how ebiz was a Black-Story of my life. I quited eBIZ a long time ago, but I believe my experience would help my readers to don’t get trap in such kind of time-wastage and stupid things. Everyone must be aware of facts, which ebizers are hiding.

    39. Hi , gulsan
      i have read about ebiz what u have written.
      can you please tell me your opinion about owner of company Dr. pawan malhan ?
      I want to know this because i want to take my decision to join ebiz or not ?

    40. hey plz tell me more about dr.malhan, wanna know more about him nd his company. coz i jst chckd website ebizel.com usse toh sb legal dikha rha .

      company hv incorporation certifitate nd all..
      i think ebiz is legal,
      tell me wat to do now??

    41. sir
      maine 19 july ko cancel package & refund money ka request bheja tha but mujhe abhi tak ebiz ke taraf de koi call nhi aaya hai sir plz help me ab mai kya kru

    42. gulsan g ebiz to vo organisation h jisne aisia ko youngest crorpati of asia diya ……. Jo bache ko athics sikhati h ..qualities provide krti h self dependency provide krti h foren k studendents ki trh ………fir aap ye khud ka failure experience kyo likhte ho

      • @Prashant Ji, Mujhe pata hai, aaj aap Silver, Gold, Diamond, Diplomat, Silver Diplomat, etc banne ke khaawab dekhe honge.

        Ho sakta hai, aap bahut mehnat karein, saare rules and regulation ko follow karein, aur ban bhi jaayein, par iski koi gurantee nahi ki aap us particular designation pe barkaraar rahenge.

        Biswaas nahi hota, ap dekh lo naa history palat ke:-

        1. Aaj aap, jinke baare mein promotion kar rahe ho, – Late Sunny Arora Sir, ‘Youngest Crorepati of India’. I highly respect..
        Aaj unke bhaai (Mani Arora Sir) bhi eBIZ quit kar chuke hain. Infact, sunny arora sir ka website bhi delete ho chuka hai.

        Khair, pehli baat to ye achivement bahut hi puraane hai. Bhale isse something is better than nothing maan kar… dilogue har jagah maar rahe hon.. Humne jo Google se data show kiya hai, aap dekh lo ki eBIZ ka graph kaise saal-dar-saal lagaatar girta jaa raha hai. Kahi ne kahi, isse hamein ye sanket milta hai ki, ye company future mein band bhi ho sakti hai. Kuki, logo ka ab iske prati koi intrest nahi hai. Aap kisi ko eBIZ batlaao, log pehle hi line mein bolenge aapko – Bhaai tu pehle success ho jaa, fir tu mujhse miliyo.. Finally ese condition mein achche-achche friendship relation bhi break ho jaata hai.. Kuki pehle to Dosti mein profesionalism nahi chalta..

        2. Ek samay tha, jinke liye National Convention, bare-bare meetings mein, ebizers stage pe chill-chilla ke kehte the, “The Pillar of eBIZ”, Helicopter achiever, Youth Icon, non-other than ‘Mr Mohit Sardana’, Naam to suna hoga; and what not. Aaj wo bhi eBIZ ko quit kar chuke hain. Aapne unka ye Helicopter wala video to dekha hoga

        Mohit Sardana ji & Helicopter

        Watch this video on YouTube.

        3. Silver Diplomat, Sushil Kumar, Bipul Bhargav sir and many more, whose team where belongs to 11 states of India. Today, they are no more in eBIZ. Because, they realized eBIZ has no future. When they were in eBIZ, their statment was – Jiyenge to eBIZ ke liye, Marenge Bhi to eBIZ ke liye.. Unhone ek convention mein yahan tak kaha ki – Har bachcha jab janm leta hai to rota hai, par mera bachcha jai ebiz bolega… Aap samjh sakte ho is baat se… Ese ese dedicated and great leader, jinhone eBIZ ko kayi states mein promote kar ek unchaahi pe le gaye.. aaj wo eBIZ Mein nahi hain..

        4. Gold Dipomat, a highly responsible and respectable designation a person who achieved – Ex-eBIZER Manoranjan sir from Patna, he also left eBIZ.

        Agar 24 ghante mein agar aaj aapke pas bas 1 min ka bhi fursat mile na, please iss baat pe gaur farmaana. Because,itna koi batane waala mujhe mila nahi my dear, nahi to main ese company mein kabhi phasta hi nahi.. Jaha future sirf aur sirf dark hai.

        Still, if you don’t believe then feel free to search these ex-ebizer name on Google.. and by god’s grace may be eyes will open.

        Ek insaan ke liye isaara kaafi hota hai.. Aur jo sirf dusre ki baaton mein bahut jald influenced ho jaate hain, unhein bhala koi samjha nahi sakta.. Humaare Bihar mein ek kahaawat hai – Bhains ke aage Bin baajaye, aur Bhains rahe paguraai.

        Aaj achchi tarah soch lijiye, kuyki ‘Shayad ye pal tal jaye.!!..’

        Jab yahan pe bare-bare Highest earner list mein pahuchne waale log eBIZ mein nahi tik paaye, to ek new associate ka kya future hai !

        That’s why I say – No matter today how much you are dedicated and you trust eBIZ, one day you will quit self for sure. Then, you will face the actual world. Because, today a eBIZERS is just lost in crap dreams in the trap of shortcut way..

        Once again point to be noted.. I’m not saying something is wrong with the company. But, here things are bit different. I’m leaving this part to you… I believe, you have little common-sense, and you can apply it.

        Agar aapke man mein koi question ho, to please feel free to ask me.

        With best wishes,
        ~ Gulshan

    43. Hello dear I have just see the presentation of eBIZ…I am confused..and after thinking long period .. I decided to join ..
      BUT I want to know who is Dr. Pawan malhan ?? What is your opinion about dr.pawan malhan??please reply.

      • As far I have personally experienced, he is a great, honest and very down-to-earth personality. He has always focused on teaching moral values. As a student, I highly respect and will be always.

    44. Sir i am preparing for upsc exam. And I hardly arrange 5 hours a day for study of it. Because of my college and PD coaching timing. So should I join ebiz or not

    45. hi mr. gulshan kumar

      I joint ebiz on 27th june 2016 with my 2 friends. we are b.com graduates and were desperately looking for job. At that desperate time I met my friend at railway station and she told me about a job and that I can work there too since they have vacancies.

      She said it was an IT based company and work and not only that but it was a govt. company. I agreed since my parents wanted me to work in govt. company. She said that since it was a govt. Company I have to register first and the registration fees is only 180/-.

      rest is history. I got brain washed and joint ebiz. But since the 1st moment all I heard is false. Not only they lied to me but made me lied to other people and MOSTLY my family.

      after joining ebiz I’ve been living under the weight of all the lies and to tell you the truth I’m loosing sleep at night.

      after knowing the truth about ebiz I left it. I left ebiz just after joining of 2 weeks.

      even thought now I m not part of such horrified company and not in company of such fraud people. I’m still restless.

      I dont know why But I think you can help me with my problems of ebiz. I have also sent you a mail. But I dont know if you will response or not so now I m writing this to you.

      But please if you can reply on my mail.

      And to all my “wanna be” ebizers and all ebizers I only have one thing to say.




    46. hii gulshan..
      recently my friend took me into a seminar ( not give me.full information only say about an youth event is going to take.place and we should have to attend to it so i went there nd found everything different which i had been told .
      in whole conversation i realized that it was nothing but only a member promotion and money making scheme
      bt they were saying they have earned to much money from ebizz while working on little extra hours .
      so i m confused should i join ebizz to make money in short time or not?

      • I say, Even by mistake, don’t join… You may regret badly.
        If in first attempt, someone didn’t told you where they are going to take you, means there is no guarantee that they will do right after if you may join!

    47. you r are absolutely right gulshan bro mujhe kuch time se mn me aanrha tha ki me.ise Join kru n kru me confuse tha bt apke is blog me mne ek ek bat detail me stdy ki to smjh me aya ki pese bnane ka ye trika blkl glt he or isme koi future nhi he sbese buri bat ye ki students life me krne pr to yh brbad hi ho jaegi thnk god mujhe wqt rhte pta chl gya mujhe b wha seminar me ye bht si bate chhupayi gyi thi jo mujhe yha pta chli . ye log jo khte ki 1 year 32 lakh asa kv ho hi nhi SKta or 32 lakh to dur muskil se isme khud ka deposit pesa recover ho jae wo hi bht bdi baat he. or mere jo friends the jinne v ise join kia tha wo bht time se mujhse khre the and now i know ki wo b bht bde frustration me he mne use apka blog dikhaya ye bat usne khud khi wo 5 _6 mnth se add hua he ebizz me bt ek bat ka afsos he mujhe ki mera ek best friend use ye sb pta nhi chl paya or wo iska membr bn gya he av hal hi me av mne usse yh bat khi use b yh sb dikhaya to wo bola ki av to starting he agle year isi din dekhna mujhe or khne lgi ki tum jese negative sense insan ka kuch nhi ho skta i think usk akho pr jo ptti lgi he me use kese dur kru mujhe usk or usk future ko lekr bht dukh hota he …
      bt anyway gulshan bro you did a great work to make this useful blog ….

    48. Sir I have applied for cancelation within 30 days of joining EBIZ but mene firse application di for rejoining but unka reconfirmation call nhi uthaya. Will I get refund sir.

    49. I am a Silver Associate in ebiz . It’s been 2 years since I have joined ebiz. I became silver in 6 months. I’m not working since last 5 months. It was the same story like everyone have before joining. I wanted to be a self made man. I was in first year when I had joined. In spite of number of people trying to influence or comment negative about ebiz, I continued to do ebiz with full passion, faith n zeal . All I could see was my dreams my dreams. plus I wanted to show many people that I can do so I kept on doing, but the fact is ITS ALL FAKE n I lost many things. I lost my friendships, reputation, friends started avoiding me. I lost my precious time. I’m not against network marketing but I’m against ebiz because u don’t get which is worth 9556. Believe me friends 99.9 % people don’t use the courses at all of ebiz. Everything is available free of cost on the internet ( Harvard website). I accept the fact that I have met Diplomats, Silver diplomats and Gold Diplomats and Diamond diplomats as well. I know everything of ebiz in and out. Don’t challenge me or raise stupid questions which an associate is taught by its uplines in the initial period. Also, out of the 100 people only 0.01% succeed and rest lose their money as the package is not used by them and not worth .only 0.1 % people are able to recover their money and when they have recovered they indirectly help with their earned money by making their friends suffer. I know many people don’t want their friends to suffer or anything but it just happens when you see this way to achieve your dreams. I personally faced a lot of humiliation at my place because of my influential diplomat upline. he was way just too sly n clever and all the major uplines show concern towards u but in real they do only to keep u active and in touch and make use of you like slaves.When it comes to computer literacy it’s all FAKE, Just a Marketing tool. Also, I was forced and brain washed, so much to buy a bike Yamaha r15 and I purchased it, it didn’t go as expected. I could not even pay 1/3rd of it and my dad had to pay the remaining. It’s nothing but a marketing tool to show people ,that they are earning and also want you to join . The major uplines buy 10 lakh car when they have earned only 1 lakhs or so. They force silvers buy to bikes ,for which they have to work like slaves to repay the loan and this is what happens so I stopped working. It’s like 1 earns n 1000 pays. do u think it’s fair? I know it happens in the world but here its so fake. I belong to a reputed business family and I have idea about how people market their products. I have seen and faced the world. But in ebiz you literally beg people to join and they annoy everybody else making people to ha8 you . All that EBIZ.COM PVT LTD (Pavan malhan AnD Team) want is money and they are fooling people to fill in their banks without any concern poor and UNAWARE people . .

    50. Sir mujhe aj meri upline se baat huy thi unhone muze bataya ki 6000 hi ayenge or vo bhi 6th months men sir ab kya karu…please reply

      • Sir ji, wo aapko bilkul misguide kar rahe hain, taaki aap eBIZ mein kisi tarah phase raho.

        Main apne experience se already bata chuka hooon, unlogo ke baat mein apna samay naa pass karein. Kuki ek baar agar registration date se 30 din ka time nikal gaya, to fir aap chaah kar v refund nhi kara sakte. So, very politely I want to say here everybody. Please apply bit common sense. Jo baat upline kahein, jaruri nahi ki wo sahi ho. Jo banda aapko Presentation dikhaane ke waqt refund aur renew ke baare mein nahi batya, to aap kaise uss aadmi pe biswaas kar sakte ho…..eBIZER sirf apna faayda dekhte hain, naaki saamne wale ke emotion ya problem. So, please don’t get trap in their words.

        aapko koi v real information chaahiye to first of all ebiz legals page padhein, eBIZ House call karin, ya fir aaap mujhse v puch sakte hain..

      • Please contact to eBIZ House via Facebook page or via phone number, they can guide why it saying Login Failed.

        As far I know, it happens only in 2 conditions
        1. If your username/password is incorrect [As per latest changes, before it were saying ‘Incorrect Username or password’]
        2. If package has been cancelled.

    51. Hello gulshan sir ji..
      My name is anchal j and i have recently joined ebiz with nt only one but 3 ids i.e. 3 packages.. all packages total cost is 33300 rs..i hv misguided sir and i want my money back soon..!!my question is that my username and password is known to my upplines..so can i change it??
      And my second query is that how to identify that our id has turned green??
      Plzz solve my query soon sir ….

    52. I wanted to deregister after reading ur blog.
      But now I am unable to deregister because my account shows login failed even though I was able to login previously. Ebiz house is not answering my calls nor emails.
      Last date is close. Please guide what to do.
      I would be really grateful if you reply fast.

      Some of my friends are also facing the same problem.

    53. Thanks Gulshan Kumar..and everyone who commented in this site for changing my mind to NOT joining in this network business…and ALL THE BEST for everyone to achieve your own dreams without depending on others…

    54. Gulshan sir mera naam shubhi hai mere ek friend ne mujhe ebiz online education ke bare mein bataya main class 12th ka student hoon main aapki ray Lena chahata hoon so plz tell me

    55. thank you sir for sharing your experience, I am really gratefull. I met two people asking for me to join ebiz.they looked reckless ,showed hypothetical 32lakhs dreams.my mind had almost changed to join it,but thank u sir for saving my parents hard work money.every word u said about your experience, i noticed in them.like leaving home,always busy ,etc. again ty :)

    56. Hii, gulshan Kumar , I need to ask you something. You might be a professional blogger or you might have a career in something else that I don’t know , but one thing that truly makes me curious is , you spend so much time in maintaining this blog , so much time to reply to all queries and guiding people not to join ebiz or any network marketing company. So might I know that for all such precious efforts of yours , what do you get in return because if anyone is giving his or her time , they would want something productive out of it. And you seem quite passionate abt this work of yours!! I would definitely want to know the reason behind you trying to guide the youth of India. I would also agree with the fact that we are not gods , so our advices to others will not always be 100% beneficial or true for them but still I’m very much impressed by your work and efforts you are putting in without any use for yourself , so I would be eagerly waiting for you to reply.

    57. hey prerana, its not a matter of getting something return but its a matter of awaring peoples about the right and wrong things .most important thing is why he awaring peoples regarding this particular thing because he experienced all of this thats y he is able to spread this knowledge beautifully .like you ,me or any other person who are stuck in type of things so they can easily overcome himself after reading this blog.Efforts without planing is meaningless but according to me his efforts are not meaningless.

    58. Sir I paid my DD on Sep 3 & I think my invoice was received by ebiz houz on 5th.. I want to know is do my 30 days starts frm time of my DD payment or invoice form recieced by houz.. I want immediate reply bcoz I hav no time to get my refund

    59. Sir , my 100 days is over n still money is not refunded what should I do?? Plz suggest me sir…I m waiting 4 yr reply

    60. Ek number bro! I realised this shit in 2 months. Tabhi jake sir log bolte h ki refund bhi hota hai. Sab paise doob gaye. Me n my friend are still regretting about that. I don’t know from where I managed to arrange such an amount (10,800 was the amount when I joined). I was confused on the day I saw the presentation. The next day, I joined by borrowing money from my another friend whom I have not even returned that money,(thanks for not killing me friend). I cannot quote the experience in words mate, but I was definitely brainwashed by them, that’s for sure! Bhai aadhe log ko dhaang ki English nai aati, how will they manage in the future? I learnt how to lose my common sense and thinking ability, I also learned how to believe anything said by anyone (Strangers). If I ever get a chance to go back in the past, i would invest the same money in some other things and would have generated a descent income by this time. As I’m not a salesman by birth, I cannot handle ebiz kinda shit. If you want to kill your time and have nothing else to do, only then join ebiz. Else, get some money and make it work for you in some better way. Enjoy life my friends, corporate world is much evil than schools n colleges. Better invest in studies and build your own empire. Sorry for the long post!

    61. Seriously I love this guy Gulshan Kumar . He did a great job by publishing this article on Internet and I am 110% with him about this company . And everyone who is so excited about getting rich by joining this company can contact me any time and I will let him/ her know that how this company is going to ruin your life and dreams completely.. 8299093934 contact me anytime about brief discussion about ebiz.com before you ruin your life …

    62. thnx dear gulshan …… for this blog im an ex ebizzer nd i feel vry glad that u are showing todays youth[atleast who R younger than us] d right direction….
      also iwant 2 say dat….ebizzers are talkng about honesty,love nd their ethics ….so why they are not talkng about renewal at time of joining of new candidate………….

    63. Sir mera 94 days ho gya h lekin av tak paisa nhi aaya h ebiz house call kiye to receive nhi kr rha h sir mujhe bahut tention ho rha h hm kya kre ab plz help me?

    64. sir,i had sent refund request and it become 136 days still i didnt recevied the money…i got worried …no response through mail and phone.so plz help me sir..plzzz

    65. Hlo sir I’m 18 year old …kya mujhe yeah join krna chiye mere frd mujhe kafi isle advantages btake mujhe join krne KO kehri H…..maine jaise kaise krke money arrange krli h …..ab m join krun ya na

      • I suggest u that plz don’t join,its not of use,if u want to do any computer source then do it privately of else learn from internet.

    66. Dear sir
      Sir jo check aayega vo kiske name se aayega .uplines ne mere account se pase dusre account me transfer kiye the .mujhe PSE kse milenge .
      Plzz sir help me as soon as possible i am in depression plzz sir help

    67. sir mujhe ek ebizzers 10 day se pareshan kr rha hain join karne ko Aur maine usko hr baad mna kiya fir bhi wo mere piche pra hain kuch parai nahi kr pa rha hu.chunki wo seniors hain jb bulata hain jana parta hain. Aap bataye main kya karoo.

      • Good Morning Ramesh Ji, kaise hain?

        Agar aapko studies mein problem aa rahi hai, unhein saaf-saaf mana kar dijiye ki ‘mujhe join nahi karna hai’. Senior ho yaa junior, respect age ko dekh kar nahi; balki koi bhi jitna deserve karte ho utna hi kijiye. Aap bolne mein bilkul hesistate feel mat kijiye! Ye aapke life ka sawal hai.

        Main samjh sakta hoon ki, kaise followup ka bahaana banakar aur forcefully join karwane ke piche haath dho ke aapke piche par gye honge!
        Jo ki ek bahut hi ghatiya aadat hai. Ek student ko ye sab cheezon mein bilkul 1 second bhi time nahi dena chaahiye. Wo log, bolenge 5 min ka kaam hai..mil lo jara upline se, pata chalega 5 ghante time waste ho faaltu meetings aur lecture sun kar!! Ghar pe late, class disturb, time table messup :D
        Mila kya? Nothing!!

        Sirf yahan time waste hota hai. Aaj yahan meeting, kal waha meetings! Bilkul bakwaas cheez hai. Mujhe to bilkul pasand nahi.

        Aapke life ka yah bahut hi valuable time hai, jisse aapko bilkul waste nahi karna chaahiye. Abhi filhaal jo high priority cheez hain, uspe focus kijiye.

        Ye sab faaltu chakkar bilkul mat pariye. Maine eBIZ kar ke bahut achche tarike se dekh chuka hoon, ese kisi bhi network marketing mein koi life nahi hai. Bas time-waste aur hawabaazi!!