Facebook Fan Page Inviter Code – Invite all friends in 1 Click


I guess, you wants to increase your Facebook Fan page Likes quickly. So, through this Fan page Inviter JavaScript, In less than 5 min, you can invite your all friends to like your Facebook Fan Page. It is 100% safe. Let’s learn this invite trick step by step.

  1. Make sure you are admin of that Facebook Page. Open your Facebook Fan page in full version.
  2. Click right-side gear button, you will see after SHARE button. In dropdown, Click Invite and please wait for 10-15 SEC to load all friends list. Now drag the scroller of POP-UP to the end of your all friends name.
  3. Facebook Page Inviter Script

  4. Copy this Facebook Page Inviter JavaScript code.
  5. If you are using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome Browser, Press – F12 or CTRL+SHIFT+K, Then paste above Java Script code in Browser Console.
  6. Press Enter key.

If you system is little bit slow, your browser may say “not responding,”.
But don’t worry, Just Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC. & Close Console. Wait for inviting all friends to like your fan page. That’s all. Basically, when I tried this trick, my notification was full by saying, just now these all friends has liked your page. :)

If you find this tips helpful, please do share. Thanks in advance.


  1. It’s Work Or Not. Little bit confuse to use this java script.

    Previously same script used for facebook group inviter, later using this code, it will affect your facebook account to close.

    That’s why i fear to use this script.

    Can you say its work or not ?

    Thank you !!