Find Lost TID & DID of Pvt Ltd Associate Profile


Hello dear eBIZ Associate, in this tutorial I’m going to tell you how you can recover your TID (Tracking ID) and DID (Distributor ID) of your eBIZ profile without checking your real sign up the resume.

When I was working in Pvt Ltd, many time I had to face a situation like my downline associate reached to cyber cafe with their guest for their registration at site, but they self-forget their own DID & TID. Now in this challenging situation sign up of a new guest is not possible. During that time, to solve this issue quickly, I was applying a simple trick to find these details within less than two minutes.

Quick Information:

  • To find DID, just log in to Associate Profile at and go to Paid Receipt option. There you can see your actual DID number. This is all time method.
  • DID is used by the associate of eBIZ during signup of the new guest. It is an important number from which eBIZ house team identifies any partner.
  • TID is known for Tracking ID number which helps you to grow your network marketing business in Pvt LTD. It is also required as a secret number while updating profile.

There are lots of ways to find these two details. But, here I’m going to tell the method which works for all packages either it’s Holiday Accommodation or Advance eBIZ Educational Package. It will work for both types of profiles. You might be wondering how this is possible? :) Let me tell you that you just need to have your username & password.

Just follow these below steps to recover your lost TID and DID of your eBIZ Associate Profile

  1. Go to
  2. Under Login Area choose Associate.
  3. Enter your username & password and click on submit button to proceed the login.
  4. Under ‘Your Activity’ section, click on Free eBIZ Students.
  5. Click on Add Student, fill up all required detail in the registration form and click Submit button to proceed next step.
  6. Click on Generate Resume and see the magic.generate-resume-free-student-ebiz
  7. In resume, you will able to see your actual TID & DID of your to recover lost tid and did of eBIZ associate profile

Alternative way:
* Specially for Holiday Accommodation package user and if you have crossed 45 days of registration.

After logging to ebizel profile, go to Holiday Accommodation option. At registration page, you may find your TID & DID. Since, on my upline suggestion, I had purchased both packages :) So this was to my knowledge.

If you find this tutorial useful for yourself, please do share as much you can. Thank you so much.

Denial: This tutorial is published in good faith by the author to help eBIZ Associate. I don’t encourage for any misuse. For any such illegal use or misrepresentation, the author shall not be held as a responsible in any way.

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  1. My uplines have changed my password so that i can’t follow the steps of refund process..
    Please help me out how can i get back my password
    Even i knw my upline’s password nd ussername tid and did

  2. Gm gulshan kumar

    I want my account to be removed. I am having DID no, but not TID no. Invoice mail was not given to me by upline. And I am also having advance package not holiday package.

    Please can u help me.

  3. It is impossible to get TID no and invoice mail from upline. I want to remove my account as soon as possible. My upline is not available at all. I joined 6 month back.

    How long it will to get my seat black.

    • Sorry, you are too late! After 6 month, ID can’t be removed. There is only way. Wait till completing one year and don’t do renewal. Simple! automatically your ID will goes to Black. BTW, I think regarding this query better would be, contacting to eBIZ House. I hope, they may help you at this matter.