How To Make Invisible Name Facebook Profile


Howdy guys! In this article, I am going to tell you an awesome Facebook trick to set invisible name for your Facebook Profile. You can surprise your friends by hiding your name. Well, few smart people also prefer to keep single name Facebook account.

create invisible name Facebook profile

Follow these steps to create invisible name Facebook profile

  1. Open your Facebook account in UC Web Browser.
  2. Go to Facebook mobile version
  3. Now, go to account setting > General > language > Bhasha Indonesia.
  4. Go to your browser setting, set following Proxy and Port­ or
  5. Now SAVE whole setting.
  6. Now go into your name change setting and remove first and last name and copy this kﱞﱞﱞk and paste it in first name box (remove the ‘k’ letters)
  7. Confirm your password & SAVE it.
  8. Change back to your default language – English (US).

You are done. If you find this trick useful, please don’t forget to share.

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