A student should never waste their valuable time in eBIZ. It will just divert your mind from your real-aim in shake off 32 lakhs and big fantasy. I’m damn sure, those who will join this network marketing company, one day he or she will regret very badly like hell.

NOTE: Personally, I don’t recommend any MLM company who takes huge money and give a package of poorly designed computer courses.

Value of eBIZ Computer Course Certificate

Source: http://goo.gl/K3QclR

Huhhh… So You want to join for Computer Education & Certificate ? LOL :D

The reality is eBIZ computer courses certificate has no value. Any company wont take eBIZ certificate into consideration. They will simply torn it and throw away in the dustbin.

Bear in mind, the big list of computer courses is also available for free on Internet. So, any novice would be only interested in wasting their money. Well, eBIZERS target/give presentation only to those kinds of people who are not so aware of Internet stuffs. If you are really willing to learn some good courses, simply search on Google.

May be, you get attracted with money and you want to join for 32 Lakhs. I bet, you can’t achieve success. Sound harsh? But this is truth my dear.

How much eBIZ reputation is good, first of all see yourself on Google. You searched on Google for eBIZ, and 95% reviews are already negative. So, who will join this kind of company.

Even 99.9% ebizers feel shameful in telling to their relative that they are working in a network marketing industry. They also know this truth well. They are not confident, they also have some doubts over succeeding in this system.

Specially, when it’s comes to India. Here success rate in network marketing is already very low. eBIZERs seen few Audi, Bikes, and listen big fake motivational dialogues so they are little over-motivated. But internally, I believe they are so weak. They just know one thing – how to do show-off, and boast big dialogue.

Most of the network marketing company of India, just following one path. First attract people by showing big dream, then apply hell numbers of idiotic terms & conditions for them.

I feel  very surprise, why few guys behave like illiterate as they compare eBIZ network marketing work with the most reputed job of India –

IAS (Indian Administrative Service)

Did you know? The Indian Administrative Service is the premier administrative civil service of the Government of India. IAS officers hold key and strategic positions in the Union Government, States and public-sector undertakings.

If you don’t have knowledge about it, please search on Google first and then you will come to know what’s the real power and reputation of this job in our Indian Society.

I say – You should never follow those people who always try to divert your mind from your real aim of your life.

99% Students Join eBIZ in shake off 32 Lakhs

99% students get attracted in eBIZ just in shake off 32 Lakhs. They tell their parents that I’m going to get computer education, but at the end of day they being busy in promoting it’s business plan in fantasy of making huge money. Forget about earning money, recovering 12,979 would be difficult for you.

Also, 99.9% eBIZERs force their Guest (new friend whom they show presentation) to do not let your parents know about eBIZ Business plan. They want to keep it in hidden way. Why? Just think about it.

Your student life is a important phase for building high profile career. It is something which is either build or break you.

In my view, eBIZ is never good for students. A good student who will know the value of education they would never join this for network marketing work. For instance, eBIZ may be good for married or well established professional. But for young youth I really do not support my dear due to these following reasons:

This is why A Student should Never Join eBIZ

  1. A student who see the eBIZ presentation for first time, their mind get divert just for 1 reason – 32 Lakhs, 32 Lakhs and just 32 Lakhs plan. In false motivation, they think – Wow! My life is now set in next 3-4 years. In real sense, this money-magnet just create hoax of mind.
  2. Don’t be too greedy as it will harm in long run! First of all complete your study. Remember, you can always make money, and get better name fame without eBIZ. One more thing, you can always do eBIZ after study but once you will lapse your time then you wouldn’t be able to recover it back. This is the ultimate truth.
  3. Please note in your mind- eBIZ is a not a work of 2-3 days. Even in regular basis, it is a very time-taking work. When I was working in eBIZ, from day-night I had to do lots of hard work. I had to attend 6-8 hours weekly meetings, spent 8-10 hours of everyday with new guest, Upline and Downlines.
  4. An example of Time-table in the eBIZ journey
    6:00am-7:0am Morning Leader's meet, what's your program today!
    11:00am-3:00pm (Presentation + Doubt-clearing + Internet Followup) or Training
    5:00pm-7:00pm Center Point - Senior Leader's meet and Guest Followup
    Where? @Auditorium, @Park, @Mall, @Restaurant, @Cafe, @Railway_Station, etc.

  5. The above time-table prove that probably, this is not a HBB. If wholeday a student will be outside of their home, then when he or she will get time to do study. Even when they will come to their house, they might feel stress and they will go for sleep. In this way, their study will go to 16×2=8! Also, their parents would be worried.
  6. Those people will humiliate you, whom you will join and if they failed in this system. There is no proper working environment, eBIZER have to took followup in road side, mall, station, any public places where unusual gathering is strictly not allowed. Someday, someone lodge complain against you and you will be suffer. That time, no upline, no ebiz authority will come to ask you – Dear eBIZ associate, how are you!
  7. I was cheated from my upline, as in first month they keep hidden so many things from me. They didn’t told me about yearly renewal or about refund. Since, there is only 30 days time for refundable or considering as new sales. So, for making own cheque they never told that you have also right cancel eBIZ package and get your money back as refund. How cheap idea! In Ranchi eBIZ community, there was trend – Care every new associate till 1 month, and after then start torching for attending tons of meetings, blah.. blah…

Final words: If you really wanna know about ebiz, always contact a ex-eBIZERS, because they have rich experience about this field. A eBIZER will never tell you reality, they know just one thing – brainwashing people mindset, which dialogue to speak when they get x kind of particular question.

For example:
Innocent Guest: Sir, my parents, do not allow for joining eBIZ?

  • eBIZER: Sir Ji, who have seen the presentation? Either you or your parents??
    So, who will understand better about eBIZ? Don’t think more; your one decision can change your life!

Innocent Guest:

  • Brainwashed :(

I think, the communication skill should not be miss-used in this way.

This was the same above dialogue which spoiled my valuable time. I had listened that while phone-followup from a silver upline, which was ingenious & selfish minded person. He cheated us badly. Wouldn’t be wrong if I say him- He was a great brain-washer of Ranchi eBIZ community.

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Now it’s your turn, please let me know your views on this article. If you find this article useful for yourself, do share with your colleagues and parents. Thanks!


  1. This is the actual truth about eBIZ. :(
    One of my friends wasted his career joining this company. I don’t know much about this company, but this is definitely not the best marketing company (Probably could be worst from your reviews… :P).

    You did a great decision Gulshan by leaving this company.

    • Yes, I’m really happy and proud with my decision. Now, I’m feeling independent. If I were little more late, then might there were more difficult situation I had to see. Extremely sorry to know, that your friend was also engaged in this same company. Really, very thankful to God that somehow very early I could aware from the reality.

  2. Hello sir mai confused hu ki mai join karu ya na mere parents mana kar rahe Hai . I also don’t know that it is full time or part time 10+2 students

  3. I am saifali I cheated from my upline to join in ebiz .it’s really fake .I don’t want my money back but I want to bang that type of fake company’s is there my idea to bang that type of company plzz plzz help me sir

    • Hi Saifali,
      Really sorry to hear. It would be great, if you could please share your experience with us in detail. Hope, it will be helpful for guys to know the truth who are getting trapped by fraud ebizers.

    • Hai …
      I had two presentations by our seniors.But I have a little bit doubt about ebiz.Please tell me ine thing Can I Join or not?

  4. I’m yash, I’m totally confused that shall I join in ebiz or not what is your view on ebiz is it good for a student like me or waste of time or what?

  5. sir,my frnd are trying to convince to join eBIZ.com,what ever u said they didn’t say me about renewal or cancellation anything.I m studying in BIT mesra Ranchi Electrical Engg. 2nd yr.. Should i join or Not ??

  6. Sir my frnd is being indulged in it. Usne apne fee k paise tak isme laga diye h.. kya kar skty h hm uske aankho se ye parda hatane k liye.. plzz sir hlp…

    • Sad to hear, Log samjh nahi rahe hain, ki wo kitna bada galti kar rahe hain. Sab money-magnet ka wajah hai aur kuch nahi. Main to yahi kahunga ki aap mere blog ke baare mein baatayein, ho sakta hai unki aankhein khul jaaaye. Main kya, mere se senior-senior jo upline the, jo ki pichle 8-10 saal tak eBIZ mein work kiya, unka experience bhi kehta hai ki – eBIZ has no future.

      • Hmare hostel k 50 percent student ebiz ko join kr chuke h nd two girls earn money frm dis. Ab mujhe ye nhi smjh arha h k ise join krna chaiye k nhi

      • Koi kitna bhi brainwash kar de.. aap unke baaton mein apna career barbaad naa karein. Main ebiz kar ke dekh chuka hoon.. Ye sab mein koi life nahi hai, just wastage of money and time. Dekhaa jaaye to ye ek 4 din ki chaandani, fir andheri raat jaisa cheez hai.
        Unka kya hai, wo log ka to Target fix hota hai.. Aaj yahan, kal wahan, just like nomad! 50 mein 48 fail bhi honge, to unhein koi gum nahi, kuki wo agle 48 people ko dhundhenge. par sochne wali baat yah ki 48 ka paisa to barbaad hua!

  7. Sir she is whole blind.. what can we do.. i m wrrid about hr.. its jst a trap. Fr few time. Bt it’ll hrm hr aftr wrd.. nd she have blind trst on this crap. She wont evn want to listn anything about it.. so is it bttr to leave hr alone or be in her side…. ???

    • Very difficult to answer, this is same situation as my friend were also being worried for me, always they tried to show me right path (eBIZ is wrong,you should focus on your aim). But unfortunately, I never wanted to listen to them. I stopped talking to him. I was being angry when they spoke anything against eBIZ. In this kind of difficult situation, I can just say one thing, you should not force them always, it will break relation and nothing else. Please allow them some time to think. I’m sure one day, she will realize better like they never realized till today for anything. Blind-eye + attitude showing person should leave strictly, incase they are not ready to listen. But time-to-time, you should politely suggest them. I hope, she will understand with common-sense.
      Best of luck!

  8. Thanks a lot mr. Gulsan. Its 1:44 in the morning and i wasnt able to sleep thinking what im doing is right or wrong. I even took money from my mother for it to give an ebizer who misguided me. Feeling relaxed because i didnt had any money after the seminar and i asked him that i will pay him tommorrow . Thanks thanks thanks a lot for this article now i wont pay him anything. I didnt study for 3 days thinking about this. Now i will refocus myself towards my aim again. Thanks again

  9. Hello sir.. It’s been 1 month I have joined ebiz.. I don’t want to continue anymore.. I have one more day to cancel this..and get my money back.. But my uplines told me that as I registered only today.. I cannot cancel it.. Bcoz I haven’t even tried studying from it..they say the ebiz house won’t except this cancellation

  10. I say you that, kya ye company realy me fraud h ya nahi ? And mere friend abhi kuch dino pahle hi join kiya h and us ne mujhe bhi join krne ko kha h to mujhe kya krna chahiye..? I am bsc 1 year student.

    • Don’t join this Ebiz agr apne life me acha krna chta hoto, ye aap ka sab daav par laga dena wo pas Nhi milega. And computer courses ki baat kru to wo only name ka hain bas aap usko net par read kr skte only practical Nhi computer jab yak yak practical Nhi krogewo aayega Nhi smjh.

  11. maine bhi ye ebiz join kiya tha. muze lagta hai ki maine mere zindagike pure 1sal(1year) barbad kiye. meri zindagi bahut achi chal rahi thi magar jabse ye ebiz mere zindagi me aaya mere vo ek sal pure barbad ho gaye. mai bhi 32 lac ke lalach me akar fas gaya.
    mai chahata hu ki ab mere aap jaise friends fas na jaye.
    Mai ek bahut garib famili se belong karta hu. maine socha ki kuch paise kama ke gharwalon ki madat karunga, but i was wrong madat toh kuch nahi huyi balki ulta gharwalon maine Rs10,000 ka tension de diya. aur main bhi depression me chala gaya.
    Maine jab ye ebiz join kiya tha tab maine mere dosto ko bhi bataya,tab unhone muze kaha tha ki tu fas gaya hai ye chhod de, but maine unki bat nahi suni aur muze uska ajbhi bahut pachtava ho raha hai.
    Mera ek dost tha jo ki ye ebiz janta tha..usne muze kaha ki ye chhod de aur pase vapas lele par mai nahi mana. oh mere zindagiki sabse badi galti thi.
    o jo mera friend tha jo ki ebiz join kar chuka tha aur joun karne ke bad o ebiz ke bare me itna sochta tha ki oh depression me chala gaya.use uske ghar valon ne admit tak kar diya.
    Maine ye join karke bahut badi galti ki hai so please aap bhi ye galti mat karo. aur agar join kiya hai toh apne paise vapas le lo. ye aise paise kamaye nahi jate. padhai karo aur mahenat karo aur ijjat ki jindagi jiyo. dont be foolish after reading this.

    • Hello Adinath Ji,

      Aapne apna bahut hi kimti samay nikaal kar apne true experience ko humse share kiya. Iske liye, bahut bahut dhanywaad.
      Muje jaankar behad dukh hua ki aap bhi is company mein kabhi join kar phas gaye the. Main achchi tarah samjh sakta hoon ki itne badi galti ko bhula paana aasan nahi raha hoga. Chuki, is company se judne ke baad aadmi ka expectation had se jyaada hi bhadh jaata hai. At the end of the day, jab kuch nahi milta tab jaake buri tarah realize hota hai.

      Aksar esa hota hai, ki jab-tak aadmi ko eBIZ ki hakikat ka ehsaash hota hai, tab-tak saayad kafi late ho chuka hota hai.

      jab wo eBIZ kar raha hota hai to uska mind sirf Money-focused hone ke wajah se wo dusre ki baat tak sunna pasand nahi karta hai. Usse lagta hai, maano jaise ebiz hi sab kuch hai, karna hai.. to ebiz hi karna hai!

      Ese bhram ke jaal se nikaalne ke liye, jab apna bachpan ka dost v samjhaane ki kosis karta hai to usse yahi lagta hai ki – ebizer main hoon…. bhala ye naadan mujhe kya bataayega!! Ese ese mind mein soch hoti hai.. Aur dukh ki baat hai ki ye eBIZ community se hi aati hai!!

      Khair ab hamein aaj ke baare mein sochna chaahiye, humara future khud pe khud bright hoga.

      With best wishes,

  12. First of all I want to thank you and express my pleasure Bro you are doing a great job .I was about to fall into this trap just before that me and my dad saw your article and it opened our eyes.Firstly me and my dad had a doubt on joining this company .I was joining this company to learn computer courses but then i found that much better courses were available free online from reputed universities world wide and i feeling very happy that I didn’t join hope my friends will use their brain and take advice from their parents before joining such kinds of company . I myself am spreading awareness through social media against this things.May god keep the innocent souls safe.
    Thank you

    • Thank you Govind for sharing your experience with us through your kind comment. I really appreciate that you did proper research at right time before joining and finally you trust on my article.

  13. Hlo sir myself abhay Gupta.today I attended my frst ebiz seminar.the one thing that I noticed is that the ebizzers really have a talent for brain washing of their guest. I similarly convinced my parents for my joining.but now while reading this article of urs ,I get my eyes open.I jst wanna say thank u very much.

  14. sir apne ebizz k bare me information di is blog me mne use pda bt kya aap bta skte he kai log ebizz se lakhon kma rhe he to wo he kese krrhe he? kya hm mehnt kre is pr to hm isse profit earn nhi kr skte he?
    or kya ye ponzi scheme he ? or khte ki hr ek esi cmpny ka target fix hota he jisk bad wo gayb ho jati he like(RMP) cmpny kya ye baat shi he? bt ye cmpny 11 year se chlri to ye b gayb ho skti he kya ?
    or kya agr hm isme pure effort k sath kam kre to pesa nhi kma skte kya?

    ye kuch question apke answers chahiye hme ink bare me sir …..

    • eBIZ mein agar lakho associates hain to usmein se muskil se top ke 50-60 log hi thodi bahut income generate kar paa rahe hain.
      Highest earner ke pichhe ek bahut bara politics humaare upline ne mehsoos kiya- new associate ko laao, senior ka bhaago.
      Bas inka ek target fix hota hai, ki jyada se jyada new log ko kisi trah phaasaya jaay. Aur isi ke badle mein mein ye trip aur prize distribution ka kaam karte hain.

      Jo log kabhi 2.5 lakh earn kar rahe the, jinke naam highest earner mein aata tha, un sabko company ne ek-ek kar Terminate kar diya. Bilkul ye ponzi schemes ki tarah hi hain, jo ki illegal hai. Facts yahi hai ki jitne bhi log aaj tak join kiye hain, 99.9% logo ke saath bahut hi bad experience raha hai. So, please don’t waste your time.

      Apko income generate krna hai, self dependent banna hai, isliye koi dusra kaam best hoga.. par ye ebiz to bilkul nahi.

  15. thnks sir for your valuable answers.

    ab ebizz k bare me bht kuch clear ho gya he kuch time phle mne b ebiz ka seminar attend kia tha bt yha pdne k bad mujhe yh sb pata chla
    me sv dosto se khna chahunga ki ebiz jesi chiij me koi future nhi he agr apke paas time money or power he or apka luck apke sath h to ho skta he kuch time ye apke lie thik rhe bt agr ap yh sochte he ki ebiz me ap jake mehnt krenge or success honge to yh blkl jhooth he
    its totally waste of time And money.

  16. i was ebizer but 1 sal me maine bhi 53 ka team work kiya wo bhi 20 to 33 kie ration se lekin mujhe ebiz se 1 rs tak nahi mila our aaj main our mera freind arjun deshmukh hum dono ko agar pata laga to hum waha ja ke ebiz ko band karne ka prayas karte hai our 2 month me hamne total 120 logo ko ebiz se bahar nikala hai taki hamari tarah un logo ke sath na ho our aaj agar koi bhi ebizer hamara naam tak sunta hai to uske pair kapne lagte hai opur hmara next target hai shirpur city dhulia district me vaha bhi ab ebizer aaye hai our hum 2-3 day ke ander unko subak sikhane wale hai our maine akele ne jalgaon maharashtraka pura grouyp band karva diaya jinki down line thi 400 se bhi jyada thi i am proud my self

  17. Thank you very much GULSHAN SIR. MY NAME IS GAGANJOT SINGH. A few minutes ago one of our seniors came to convince me and my friend. We were not attracted to money but we were attracted to CERTIFICATES as they could have played a major role in placements if they had some value. I am really satisfied with this BLOG. THIS BLOG was an EYE-OPENER for me.

    • Hi Gagaganjot,
      Thanks you so much for kind encouraging-feedback. I’m glad to know that you are satisfied with my information.
      I really appreciate for your valuable time.

  18. I wantd to join ebiz BT I am in confusn wt shl I do shud I join? ? I think I shudnt I see reality in mr Gulsans blog…bt plz mke it clear

  19. Sir I joined ebiz 20 days ago but I want to cancel package but DD for that was not made from my account I gave cash to my one of upline of ebiz help me pls in the matter

  20. Dear Sir,
    My name is Rahul from Bangalore. Today i attended a ebiz seminar they talked a lot about financial freedom but my question is will i be financially really free because i am 19 years old and studying. i want to have a good future in my engineering studies will i be able to achieve that in ebiz and will the certificates on courses from ebiz help in job recruitment interviews and job placement interviews?.

  21. Hello sir,i don’t have any special knowledge about ebiz but I have so many friends in ebiz! They are working in ebiz from last 1 month and they always ask me to join ebiz! Though I am not going to join but I just want to know abt that chain! I mean my friends are Making money from ebiz bcoz of that chain! What’s chain actually?

  22. thank u sir for this blog.My name is Randeep pandita.today one of my seniors also told about this company and forced me to join this.iwas attracted to the computer courses about which they told me.but now i am satisfy with this blog.once again thank u sir.

  23. thank u so much all of u aap sab ne meri aankhen khol di apna experience share kr ke… specially big thanks to Mr.Gulshan Kumar Sir becoz mein kal hi ebiz ko join karne wali thi infat mene aaj jyada paise nahi the to advance bhi diya…ab mein kal hi jake mera advance money leti hu…but mujhe ek baat bataiye sir vo logo ne means ebiz ke associates ne mujhe guarantee de hai ki aapke 10880 rupees jo aap pay kr rahe ho vo aapko within 2 mnths cover kr mein dunga…..aise kyun kaha unhone i mean aise guarantee koi kaise de sakta hai?:(

    • Hey Shaheen,

      I really appreciate ki aapne sahi samay pe mere blog ko padha. You are enough lucky because today you have taken a very right decisions at the right time.

      Dekhiye, jab baaat ebiz jaise insecure platform ki ho to.. Guarantee ki koi bharosha hi nahi kiya jaa Sakta.. Aur Wo bhi 2 months mein 10,880 recover karne ki baat,its look like a joke! Because yaha pe first cheque 2700 earn karne mein aadmin ko 6 mahine se 1 saal tak lag jaate hain…fir renew me extra paisa dena parta hai. Itna aasan nahi hai.. Jitna ki ebiz dikhta hai. Ye ek esa business hai..Jo bilkul logo ke upar dependent rahna parta hai.. Chaahe wo new guest ho ya downline..ya upline.. Pehle to 3 log ki joinining… Fir pan card update karna hota hai.. Dekhaa jaaye to ye sab mein kaafi samay lagta hai.. Isliye bilkul ye Sab kaam ek students ko apna time waste kar nahi karna chaahiye.. Kuki time aur money ke hisaab se yaha pe ROI(Return on Investment) bahut hi kam hota hai. I hope you got my points.


  24. hiii sir,just a few minutes ago two of my friends came and talked about ebiz.When they are talking about that i was interested in making money in easy way.But i want to know something about ebiz so i came to internet and i saw many comments most of the comments say it’s waste of time .whick can i believe .They also said that don’t say ur parents that it’s a business just say it’s a course. What is that

    • People are saying right on Internet. I would also agree that it is just time waste thing. Here a student loss so much things in shake of crap dreams. Personally, I would strictly not recommend anyone to join this company. At the last day of my eBIZ journey, I realized very badly that how joining ebiz was a stupid mistake. In the influence of making money and becoming rich, I become fool.. So specially, this kind of company is not good for students. In invitation, they start boasting IT sector and development but at the end they make people sales man for selling crap(lollipop) packages.

  25. Plz help me one of my senior in ipec approached me to join this when i told him about internet stuffs he said if there are bad reviews there are good also he is currently having a team of 50 .He had told me that it is worth investing in ebiz

    • Hey Kartik,

      Please look at something else which make sense. Those guys who are inexperienced in this field can only recommend this thing. Because they don’t know what’s all situation people, have to face after joining. “People join here with lots of excitement and smile, but finally they leave with regret and tears.” For instance, eBIZ may be an incredible solution to get fake motivation. And based on that, no doubt you will have guts to dream big”. But, in the real sense, it’s worthless.

      Here, what you can see that first become fool and the same way made other guys fool just for making some bucks. I am wondering, why people don’t understand, this kind of stupidity will not make a successful.

      In India, working in a multi-level marketing company is a risky business. What you will invest in this sort of market wouldn’t be easy to get profit. It was not just a situation with few people, but we have seen with more than thousands of people who were working with us. In our group, many people had done registrations with multiple positions with their parent’s name also. But, what happened? Did they make any thing difference? NO. As they realised the facts that here is no life, they all left one by one. Some guys in few weeks, and some after few months. Indeed, everybody felt better about leaving. We invested our lots of energy and valuable time, and I believe that was the biggest investment.

      And, what was final result?? “Completely worthless”, Nothing special except failure.

      So, you should think about this before reaching any decision.

      All the best!

  26. Sir Thanx for ur suggestions I m not gonna to join ebiz but my frnds already joined it and I want to show them right path will u help me

  27. hii Gulshan sir my friend said me to join this she was forcing me like anything bt i had already read your article and ye sab cheez really fake hoti hai mujhe jab meri friend ne btaya tha tab hi pta chal gya ki kuch toh gadbad hai also they wasted my 100 rs for event i went there they all are masters in brainwashing bt i didnt join, every time they come with a new senior and try to convincing me bt main convince hua hi nhi woh itne decent hote ki ki kuch bhi emotional story banate hai and woh bolte hai ki ghrpe business ke baare mat batao sirf courses k baare me batao mujhe hasne ko aa rha tha jab woh mujhe convince kr rha tha and me apni frnd ko iss jaal me fasne se bacha nhi paaya so guyss pls dont do this and lastly isse friendship spoil ho jati hai tysm gulshan sir ……….

    • Hello Vasudeo,

      It’s my pleasure to know from you that you found my blog at the right time. Your experience reminds me so many things. Crossed many years but till today often I hear this kind of experience, and it conveys a message “Nothing has changed in the working environment, same dialogues same practices.” A student should never fall into this kind of traps.

      Thanks dear for your valuable comment. I appreciate your time. Keep coming!

  28. Sir I am a guy from tamilnadu.i have recently heard a presentation about one network marketing company called ratnam infotech. Should I join sir?