Add all Profile Friends to Facebook Group (Only in 1 Click)

add all friends to facebook group at once

Do you want to make the largest Facebook group? Sure, you have landed at right place. Here I’m giving you piece of JavaScript code which will help you to Invite your all Facebook friends to your Group at once. It is not necessary to be admin of that particular Facebook Group. Anyone can add there; then you can too through this JavaScript within less than a min.

Just Follow these below steps to run Facebook-Group-Friend-adder JavaScript on your browser which will work for you like a charm.

Facebook Group Friends Adder

  1. Open Group in Desktop version web browser. URL will be exactly like this.
  2. Press CTRL+SHIFT+J or F12 button
  3. After pressing above button, In the browser, you will see Browser Console box. Just Click ‘console’ tab.
  4. Make sure you replace the group id 588038987983654 with your own. Paste below JavaScript which I have made only for you.
  5. Then Hit Enter. Now, Wait up.. 5 min. Our JavaScript will start adding/inviting your friends.

Highly Recommend browser – Latest version Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

To be very honest, I would like to make one thing very clear that to prevent from blocking, maintain a limit of 1000 friends/per day. 1000 members in one day are not the small amount.

As you know very well, anything is doing too much on Facebook in less time is a common reason of blocking. So, never do such things. If you want to invite more friends to your group, Then implement this method with another ID.

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