How to Debug Autoptimize Plugin to see hidden Theme & Plugin?

It’s interesting – 99.9% WordPress theme and plugin analyzers, fail to detect the Theme and Plugin name for a WordPress site which uses Autoptimize plugin.

While using Autoptimize, sometimes it can be beneficial for debugging the real CSS and JS name. It is easily possible with a simple method which I will discuss in this article.

First of all, let me introduce you to this popular plugin –

Autoptimize is a special Plugin for improving WordPress performance, developed by Mr. Frank Goossens. It helps in optimizing HTML, CSS, and JS in the very user-friendly way. This plugin has 400K active installs.

More than 70% requests in WordPress are being in the static nature. The Autoptimize plugin significantly reduces HTTP requests counts by concatenation of CSS and JS.

Finally, it generates just only a few files which you can see in HTML source code like this –


How to debug Autoptimize CSS & JS

You may like to know how to debug this plugin. It’s straightforward. You can even debug anyone WordPress HTML source code which used Autoptimize.

  1. Open your favorite browser
  2. Type in the address bar
  3. Append query string ?ao_noptimize=1
  4. Now your URL is
  5. Press Enter.

Voila! You revealed the actual path, the name of possible plugin and theme’s CSS and JS.


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    • I guess, you are referring to Autoptimize WordPress plugin. It should work fine with a Cache plugin.