Backup and Restore a WordPress Website to New Hosting

In this WordPress tutorial, you will learn here step by step how to take backup of WordPress website and restore it to new server. Having backup is very important in case if you want to move to another host. Many times it happens that we face few problems with our hosting. In this guide, I’ll discuss 2 methods.

  1. Using a Free Plug-in (Wp Clone By WP Academy)
  2. Manually Backup

Very first, I want to discuss plugin method since, it is easy and it will be less time taking for you. I’m huge fan of Wp Clone By WP Academy. This plugin is absolutely free of cost.

Install ‘WP Clone by WP Academy’ plugin at that particular website, which you want to take backup.
Go to WP Clone option, Click Backup.

You will see the raw URL of your Backup file which will be .ZIP format.

I’m sure, you have copied that URL of your backup file to safe location. And, I assume you have a dropbox account. Sign up free, if you don’t have. After then please keep login to dropbox account.

Now, open a website or Both website are good. Using these website, once you need to remotely upload your Backup file to Dropbox. Ok, so after uploading to dropbox, right click on your file name & click share button to make it public.

I assume your public backup file url via Dropbox will be something like….?=0
just replace www to ‘dl’ or change the last value from 0 to 1. This process is important to make direct download link. I think your backup is safe, and you can download any time if you will need.

It’s correct time to leave previous host. Change your domain nameserver accordingly to your new host. Now, install a fresh copy of WordPress. You can take help of Softaculous or Fantastico

Auto Installer. I think these facilities are being available in most of all hosting cPanel. At your new WordPress site, Install the same plugin – ‘WP Clone by WP Academy’ from which you have created the backup.

Go to WP Clone option, Enter Dropbox direct download link of your backup file. Depending upon your website database site and server environment, it will take nearly 30-90 seconds to restore your whole WordPress website to your new hosting.

Now, last step just don’t forget to update your permalink settings. In previous host, if you were using %postname% just keep it same here.

I think now your website is ready. You can checkout all media upload folder, post, pages, menus, plugins and themes. Everything will be restored as before. So, that’s all easily you have learnt to restore a WordPress site using WP Clone by WP Academy Plugin.

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Manual Method

There is two main thing WordPress Database, and Wp-content folder.
In previous host.

  1. Copy your whole wp-content folder.
  2. Backup your mySQL Datasbase in simple 4 steps
  3. Find our DB name from wp-config.php
  4. Go to PHPmyAdmin and select proper DB name.
  5. Select all tables and click import
  6. YOU will see option to import in .sql format.
    Ok, so download it.

In your new host

  1. Create a new MySQL database, also don’t forget to create username and assign all privileges (permissions)
  2.  Keep a copy of your db name, db username and password in Notepad. In next step you will need this while setuping wp-config.php
  3. Download a fresh copy of WordPress files (nearly 6mb)
  4. Unzip it, under WordPress folder whatever you see all files like wp-content, wp-includes, wp-config-sample.php. Everything you will need to copy and paste to your new host at public_html location.
  5. Setup WP Config
  6. Rename wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php
  7. Remember? DB means Database and well you have keep copy of your db username and password into your notepad.
  8.   So, just put these value in wp-config.php
  9. Now generate ‘WordPress salt key’ using online generator. Add it where it is mentioned in WP-config.
  10. Your wp config is ready to work. This process you did to allow communication between your WordPress and mySQl database. Ok, so let’s start Installing WordPress. Go to your
  11. Follow simple on-screen instruction. That’s it.

Special instruction for both process, If you care SEO don’t forget to backup your .htaccess and robots.txt Add all code as per your need.

If you need any little bit help in restoring your site to new host, let me know. It would be my great pleasure for me to help you.

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