10 Best WordPress Plugins of 2017

wordpress plugins

Looking for best plugins for WordPress? Here is an expert-picked list for you.

AdSense Invalid Click Protector


Are you an Adsense publisher? You might know well Adsense says it’s your responsibility to protect your account from getting banned due to Invalid clicks. Therefore, you should use this plugin to set click-limit on your Ads units. This is a light-weight plugin which works amazingly based on visitor IP address and cookies.

WordPress Advanced Database Cleaner

Advance Database Cleaner
This is the safest plugin ever for MySQL Database optimization. Also, it helps in finding the orphan tables which need to drop. The best part of this plugin is whatever you will go to delete. First, it will give you a chance to have a look.


File Manager

WP File Manager

Don’t have access to FTP? This plugin will help you to do nifty thing inside Dashboard.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

By default, WordPress is not SEO-Friendly and will never rank in Google. This is a perfect plugin for on-page SEO optimization of a WordPress website. This plugin includes optimization feature for Title, Meta, Post, Page, Category, Social Media, XML Sitemaps generation, File editor, Extensions, Etc. An important suggestion: If you are running a blog, I’d highly recommend keeping noindex for categories and tags. It will prevent from duplicate content issues and penalties.


shortpixelIt’s a great plugin for bulk image optimization. I have been used this plugin. It has inbuilt feature for WebP generation which is a great bonus for the modern browser which accepts WebP content type.



Do you need mind-blowing performance for your WordPress blog? You must use this plugin to optimize HTML, CSS and JavaScript efficiently.

Personally, I have tried almost all minify and combining plugin but, Autotptimize is one of best of all. It is perfect for Speed Optimization work.

This plugin is developed with utmost care by a great developer – Frank. He regularly keeps update this plugin and also I know for providing quality support instantly. You can see yourself at support page, most of all queries are resolved. For the impressive performance of this blog, it’s my pleasure to give credit to this plugin proudly. I firmly believe Autoptimize plugin will never disappoint you. All you need to do is proper setup.


JetPack by WordPress
It’s a fantastic plugin which offers multiple features in one place. I am using it’s only a few features which I have the need. I recommend these features that you should use it via JetPack. Such as Sharing, Subscription, Comment Follow, Website Monitor, Photon, Single Signon, etc.

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sumome - list building, social sharing and analytics pluginIn the opening day of blogging, this plugin helped to convert my readers into a subscriber. Sumome is an external script based plugin which offers exit-in List Building feature, Hitmap, and more. The layout of this plugin is superb. Also, sharing feature is awesome as it comes with WhatsApp, Twitter, and all other social media channels.

WP Rocket

wp rocket

WP Rocket is the most user-friendly and effective for setup WordPress cache. It comes with Varnish, Cloudflare, Image Optimization, CDN and much more support. The best part of this plugin, their developer provides quality support via Email. They also have the live chat option. I have used this plugin on my blog. So, far very good experience. Regarding performance, WP Rocket is far better than WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache.

Updraft Backup Plugin

updraft wordpress backup plugin
If you would ask me, what is the first security measure for your blog? I’d say “Always having updated backup” via Updraft.

Using this plugin, you can instantly take backup and do the restore of your WordPress Blog. The user-friendly layout of this plugin makes it so impressive than another plugin. Once you authenticate Dropbox account to Updraft, it will keep doing schedule backup based on your rotation settings. Honestly, this works best for me as my website size is under 1-2 GB. If your site is little size is large, you should consider using a premium plugin called VaultPress.

Some more

Code Snippets

code snippets

This plugin helps to manage all custom functions.php code, filters, API under one dashboard. The benefit of using this plugin is – for adding any code you don’t need to edit functions.php file. It comes with the export feature, and you can activate & deactivate. One more thing, this plugin can also be used for showing code at frontend (article).

Some more WordPress Tutorial for you

This list is under update. If you have any plugin suggestion, please let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

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Thank you!

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