6 Actionable Tips to Get Sitelinks in Google SERPs Quickly

Getting Sitelinks in Google SERPs is very easy. By following these tips, you can get Site links in Google SERPS within seven days.

Google Sitelinks

According to WikiPedia, Site links are hyperlinks to website subpages that appear under certain Google listings in order to help users navigate the site. The site owner cannot add any sitelinks; Google adds them through its own secret automated algorithms.

Actionable tips to get Sitelinks in Google SERPs

You want sitelinks, just follow these 6 steps. Please bear in mind, it will take some time. It’s not a shortcut way for over-night success.

  • Since, Your website HTML template or your WordPress theme requires a systemic navigation structure. It is the main step then even you can get site links even for blank page, sitemap page. It has been proved many times. So, choose a clean-navigation WordPress theme. Try changing theme. (High Priority)
  • Start regular posting article. If you will keep maintain the freshness quality, then no one can stop you from getting sitelinks. (High Priority)
  • Choose a unique domain. Go for branding, rather on your money keyword. (High Priority)
  • Offer or write something unique from your website, so you will able to earn branded search query. For example moz has created Open Site Explorer. Backlinko has published 200 Ranking factors of Google like that. (High Priority)
  • Link those pages which are highly relevant to others. (not mandatory)
  • Only Submitting sitemap will not help you, rather your should focus on website user experience so you can increase the chances. In Search Engine Optimization, I think those practices which are not good for user, are also not good for reputation as per search engine. (High Priority)

Please note : It is best idea to demote site-links for less-important pages. Sitelinks are something which directly reflect the quality of your website/blog.

Myths Debunked about Getting Site Links

  • If you want to get site links you would need a decent traffics

My research say – Nothing like that, I have seen on my friends website that his website was not so popular, even his site was getting daily less than 10 unique visitors. Then also those of my site got site links easily.

  • Your domain should have High Page Rank

Page rank has been dead. So, no comment on this. Ref: searchengineland.com/google-toolbar-pagerank-officially-goes-dark-247553

  • If you have more pages, then you can get links easily

This is also a myth, that more pages will bring sitelinks.

  • You need some special traffic on Targeted page


  • You domain name must be older or highly reputed


  • Biggest Myth Ever: Sitelink can be generated via Tool or by adding some piece of Code

Oh! It’s completely wrong thinking. Google pick selective link automatically, you don’t need to use any tool or code.

Final words

I say- follow the best practices, keep doing best what you are doing for your readers. I firmly believe me, you 100% deserve and you will get sitelink automatically over the time. So, you no need to worry.

Before I had only Sitelinks for my blog for some queries like www.gulshankumar.net, Gulshan Kumar Blog, etc.

But, recently I have also achieved One-line sitelinks for some brand search queries.

mini sitelinks

About this my experience says

I think it depends on your visitors navigating pattern. Possibly, you can see in the Google Analytics report.

  • To increase it chances, optimize your internal links.
  • Make it easily visible for your visitors, so they can click.
  • Make sure that your responsive menu in your website is working properly on mobile devices.

In summary, I want to say – provide the best user-experience to your visitor, and let’s have lower bounce rate as possible as.

Now, please let me know what do you think about getting Sitelinks.


Sincerely, Thanks.

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