How To Install WordPress on Hostinger Web Hosting


In this tutorial, you will learn how to create own Free-Self Hosted blog or website using Hostinger Web Hosting and Word’s most popular CMS – WordPress. Did you know? WordPress power 27% of all website all over the world. WordPress is very easy to use. Since, it doesn’t require any special experience.

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Let’s start step by step. To create a new Self Hosted WordPress Blog, you need to know about following things.


In this tutorial, I’ll use one of my domain name which is to show you personally, how you can quickly setup WordPress in the Hostinger Free Shared hosting. If you have already a domain name. It’s great. You can skip to Hosting.

If you are Installing WordPress or website for the first time, Now if you don’t have a domain name. So, you can Register a Free domain name for your website such as

To register a Free domain name, I refer you to go This original site name is, but later it has been renamed to freenom. If you need Free Domain for your site, you need to Create an account. Using Facebook or Gmail account, You can easily sign up in one click by allowing the app.

Else, you can also register by manually entering one by one basic required details in the registration form at As you wish! So, next, I hope you have been chosen your choice domain name and register also.

Web Hosting

Since you are going to Install WordPress with Free Hostinger Hosting, you have to connect Domain to Hosting server using nameservers. It is very easy.

So, Login to your domain panel > Go to Manage > nameserver. So you have to add the following NAMESERVERS details of Hostinger. Replace your old nameserver with these Hostinger nameservers.

After updating nameserver in domain panel, you have to wait to approximate up 30-45 mins. BTW, ample time is 24 hrs for everyone. But, don’t worry it will finish quickly for your new Domain. Now the domain panel work has been completed.

Let’s move to set up Hosting cPanel for Installing WordPress. It is a fascinating part. You can Register a Hostinger account (Free). You can directly Login with Google+ or Facebook, or you can complete the registration manually.

  • Go to Hosting > + New Accountwordpress free hosting
  • Order Free Packageinstall wordpress hostinger
  • Add your Domain Name, or if you still don’t have registered your domain, You can also choose Sub-domain to create your website.
    Oder New Free Hosting
  • Enter Captcha Code > Click Order install wordpress on hostinger
  • From Hosting Account List > Select Domain > Click Manage and go to cPanelopen cPanel of Hostinger
  • Now you will see cPanel for your domain. You will have basic all control for your website.
  • In cPanel, if you may see alert message – “Your domain is not pointing to our nameservers at the moment…” Solution – Be sure, you have updated correct nameserver as I have told you above. You can also find Hostinger Nameserver at Details page. If you confirm then Login after 1 or 2 hours. It will be automatically fixed. Because the nameservers take some time to complete propagation. Okay.
  • In cPanel, The very first thing > Go to File Manager 1 > Install File Manager.install file manager
  • Open File Manager 1 > Delete all previous files such as default.php and .htaccess.preinstall files. If you do not delete, you will see only company default page. In case if you are not able to open cPanel that time, wait some time or try file manager 2, go to public HTML(main directory), delete from there.

Now Hostinger cPanel is ready to Install WordPress.

Installing Self-Hosted WordPress

To Install new WordPress, go to the Hostinger cPanel > Auto Installer > Choose WordPress
Now, Enter necessary Details for installing new Self Hosted WordPress Blog.

wordpress auto installer

You should leave by Default path of Installation. If you want to Install on another directory then only add else you should go blank to keep the WordPress at home directory.

After entering all details for installing Self-Hosted WordPress, click INSTALL and Wait for 1 min, You will see a notice that Installation is complete. If not complete then reload the same page. So, this is how you can easily install self-hosted WordPress on Hostinger.

How to Open New WordPress Dashboard?

  • To Open your WordPress Dashboard> Go to > Just Login and Start Exploring and feel the real power of self-hosted WordPress.login wordpress
  • After login, you will be redirected to Dashboard. Add New Post, Page, Manage Widgets from Appearance. You can change the theme from Appearance, and many things you can do. WordPress is popular CMS for Search-Engine friendly nature. It is best for SEO.WordPress Dashboard

Let’s try! Have a Good Luck. If you liked this tutorial, please SHARE through Social Media.

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I’m big fan of WordPress. I can help you as much you need. If you require any help, you can contact me. I would love to listen from you. Thank you so much. ♥

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