Is eBIZ Good or Bad for students? Truth is Shocking!

is ebiz good or bad students

“Notably, a student should never waste valuable time in eBIZ. It will just divert your mind from your real aim in shake off 32 lakhs and high fantasy. I’m damn sure, those who will join this network marketing company, one day he or she will regret very badly like hell.” — Ex-eBIZER Gulshan Kumar

NOTE: Personally, I don’t recommend any MLM company who takes huge money and give a package of poorly designed computer courses.

Value of eBIZ Computer Course Certificate

Huh… So you want to join for Computer Education & Certificate?? LOL 😀 Very first, please have a close look at this certificate.


The reality is eBIZ computer courses certificate has no value. Any company won’t takes eBIZ certificate into consideration. They will be tearing it and throw away in the dustbin.

Bear in mind, the big list of computer courses is also available for free on the Internet. So, any novice would be only interested in wasting their money. Well, eBIZERS target/give the presentation only to those kinds of people who are not so aware of Internet stuff. If you are willing to learn some computer courses, only search on Google.

moneyMaybe, you get attracted to money, and you want to join for 32 Lakhs. I bet, you can’t achieve success. Sound harsh? But this is a truth, my dear.

How much eBIZ reputation is good, first of all, see yourself on Google. You searched on Google for eBIZ, and 95% reviews are already negative. So, who will join this kind of company?

Even 99.9% eBIZERs feel shameful in telling to their relative that they are working in a network marketing industry. They also know this truth well. They are not confident; they also have some doubts over succeeding in this system.

Well, when it comes to India. Here success rate in network marketing is already very low. eBIZERs used to see few Audi, Bikes, and listen to great fake motivational dialogues, so they are little over-motivated but internally, they are so weak. They just know one thing – how to do show-off, and boast great dialogue.

Most of the network marketing company of India, just following one path. First attract people by showing big dream, then apply hell numbers of idiotic terms & conditions for them.

I feel very surprise, why few guys behave like illiterate as they compare eBIZ network marketing work with the most reputed job of India –

IAS (Indian Administrative Service)

Did you know? The Indian Administrative Service is the premier administrative, civil service of the Government of India. IAS officers hold key and strategic positions in the Union Government, States and public-sector undertakings.

If you don’t have knowledge about it, please search on Google first and then you will come to know what’s the real power and reputation of this job in our Indian Society.

I say – You should never follow those people who always try to divert your mind from your real aim of your life.

99% Students Join eBIZ in shake off 32 Lakhs

Many students get attracted in eBIZ just in shake off 32 Lakhs. After attending the presentation, on eBIZER’s so called advice; the guest ask money from the parents by saying about computer education but finally they being busy in promoting it’s business plan in the fantasy of making huge money. Forget about earning money, recovering the INR 12,979 would be difficult for you!

Another fact is, 99.9% eBIZERs force a Guest(their friend whom they show presentation) to do not let your parents know about eBIZ Business plan. They want to keep doing in a hidden way. Why? Just think about it.

Dear, it’s your life and responsibility to understand one thing very clearly that your student life is a critical phase for building high profile career. It is something which is either made or break you.

In my view, eBIZ is never good for students. An excellent student who will know the value of the education they would never join this for network marketing work. For instance, eBIZ may be useful for married or well established professional. But for young youth I do not support my dear due to these following reasons:

This is why A Student should Never Join eBIZ

  1. A student who see the eBIZ presentation for the first time, their mind divert just for one reason – 32 Lakhs, 32 Lakhs and just 32 Lakhs plan. In false motivation, they think – Wow! My life is now set in next 3-4 years, and I am an upcoming celebrity! In the real sense, this money-magnet just create the hoax of mind.
  2. Don’t be too greedy as it will harm in the long run! First of all complete your study. Remember, you can always make money, and get better name fame without eBIZ. One more thing, you can always do eBIZ after study, but once you lapse your time, then you wouldn’t be able to recover it back.
  3. Please note in your mind- eBIZ is a not a work of 2-3 days. Even on a regular basis, it is a very time-taking work. When I was working in eBIZ, from day-night, I had to do lots of hard work. I had to attend 6-8 hours weekly meetings, spent 8-10 hours of every day with a new guest, Upline and Downlines.
  4. An example of Timetable in the eBIZ journey
    6:00am-7:0am Morning Leader's meet, what's your program today!
    11:00am-3:00pm (Presentation + Doubt-clearing + Internet Followup) or Training
    5:00pm-7:00pm Center Point - Senior Leader's meet and Guest Followup
    Where? @Auditorium, @Park, @Mall, @Restaurant, @Cafe, @Railway_Station, etc.

  5. The above scenario proves that probably, this is not an HBB as eBIZ officially claims.

    False claim by Fraud eBIZ

    If whole day a student will be outside of their home, then when he or she will get time to do the study. Even when they will come to their house, they might feel stress, and they will go to sleep. In this way, their education will go to 16×2=8! Also, their parents would be worried.

  6. After knowing the truth, Those people may humiliate you, whom you will join and if they failed in this system. There is no proper working environment; eBIZER has to take follow-up in roadside, mall, station, any public places where an unprecedented gathering is strictly not allowed. Someday, someone lodges complaints against you, and you will suffer. That time, no upline, no eBIZ authority will come to ask you – Dear eBIZ representative, how are you!
  7. I was cheated from my upline, as in the first month they keep hidden so many things from me. They didn’t tell me about yearly renewal or about refund. Since there is only 30 days time for refundable or considering as new sales. So, for making personal cheque, they never told that you have also right cancel eBIZ package and get your money back as the refund. How reasonable idea! In Ranchi eBIZ community, there was trend – Care every new associate till one month, and after then start torching for attending lots of meetings, blah.. blah.

Final words: If you want to know about eBIZ, always contact an ex-eBIZERS, because they have a wealth of experience in this field. An eBIZER will never tell you reality; they know just one thing – brainwashing people mindset, which dialogue to speak when they get x kind of particular question.

For example:
Innocent Guest: Sir, my parents, do not allow for joining eBIZ?

  • eBIZER: Sir Ji, who have seen the presentation? Either you or your parents??
    So, who will understand better about eBIZ? Don’t think more; your one decision can change your life!

Innocent Guest:

  • Brainwashed 🙁

I think, the communication skill should not be miss-used in this way.

The same above dialogue which spoiled my valuable time. I had listened that while phone-followup from a silver upline, which was ingenious. He cheated us badly. Wouldn’t be wrong if I say him- He was a great brain-washer of Ranchi eBIZ community.

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Now it’s your turn; please let me know your views on this article. If you find this article useful for yourself, do share with your colleagues and parents. Thanks!

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