Facebook Link Blocked : Step by Step 100% Working Solution


Is your URL blocked on Facebook? So, you are not able share your website stuffs anywhere on Facebook. Don’t worry if Facebook is saying “Sorry, this post contains a blocked link“. Here’s a ultimate solution to get rid of this problem permanently.

Update 18 Oct 2016:
I am sorry to inform this method is no longer working. I am working on finding the solution. Will update here as soon as possible. Meanwhile, please keep patience. You may subscribe to my blog receive the notification instantly. Thanks for your kind interest!

Disclaimer : This post is written in good faith by author. We don’t encourage to misuse in anyway, for any type of loss or damage you can’t held me responsible. We respect security and privacy concern of any website.

You will learn here a special technique to post any type blocked link on Facebook. Also, you will be able to prevent your original URL from getting blocked on Facebook. Few days back, I had also shared a notes on my Facebook page to solve basic issue.

URL blocked on Facebook

As per as I am guessing, if I’m not wrong. I think generally URL is blocked by reporting by other user as spam. Let’s consider once your URL is blocked permanently. You tried changing your Dedicated IP address. But nothing happened from your hosting side. Finally, you think there is problem with your domain. Yes! So, you can’t change your domain name.

Thus, for sharing link on Facebook we can take help of reputed Google Blogspot platform. Yes, I’m not kidding! This is the requirement of this trick. So, you can easily bypass Facebook warning and captcha while sharing blocked link. As we all know that, we can use subdomain of Blogspot too many times. Also, it is 100% free to create a blog on blogspot. Using one Gmail account you can create up to 100 blogs. Again, Facebook will never send you any warning. Just follow these simple steps to learn how you can easily post a blocked URL. First of all it is important to unblock your URL.

Steps To Unblock a URL on Facebook

  1. Sign in to your Google Blogspot account
  2. Create a new Blog with unique url
  3. Go to Setting > Basic. Update Privacy for listing in Search Engine to ‘NO’.
  4. Go to template option, Find the gear button at Mobile Template option, choose ‘No, Show desktop template on mobile devices.’

    Click on this photo to Zoom
  5. In your blogspot dashboard, scroll down the Template page and click ‘Revert to Classic Template’
  6. Turn off navigation bar, since it is not required
  7. Now Replace all HTML code with this below code which I have shared in little box after this paragraph.
    Click to Zoom

Before clicking on Save button, make sure you do some minor changes in Open Graph tag as per your requirement. I’ve mention that complete guidelines in HTML comment line.

Copy this below HTML Code

Please don’t forget to add credit link, if you are going to republish this code anywhere.

Kindly note: The JavaScript code which I have used for redirection, you have to obfuscate it. This step is essential as per latest changes in Facebook. Thus, it will be harder for Facebook to detect and send warning message.

I have just leave the normal JavaScript. Please look above code once carefully, can you notice this below code?

Okay. In above particular code after replacing with your own blocked URL, please go this JavaScript obfuscator tool to covert into obfuscated JavaScript. And, use the converted JS in above HTML code. That’ it.

After obfuscating, the code will look like this

How to make a blocked link eligible to post on Facebook

Technically, let me explain you my concept.

Suppose your URL is blocked on Facebook. For that reason, you don’t want to stop sharing it unlimited times. So, you need to create a Fake landing page specially for your blocked web page using Blogspot. And there you need to add a redirection process with a timeout of atleast 1 second. Whenever you will share link on Facebook, the Facebook Security system will detect landing page till blogspot rather the final redirected location. Hence, technically you are going to replace the path after few second to the blocked URL.

link unblocker concept
Technical process of sending visitor from Blogspot to target blocked page

At the landing page which you have created through blogspot, there you can add ‘Open Graph META tag’ to change the look of shared link similar to the original Facebook Link post. Thus, a person is still able to visit your blocked link even facebook blocked your domain. I think, now a days, almost all browser supports the redirection. I have tested this trick on various device. It is working fine.

How to Share Blocked Link on Facebook?

Instead of sharing your original blocked link on Facebook, just share your blogspot URL. If anyone will click your blogspot URL. Then he/she will redirected to your target page(which has been blocked by Facebook).
Let’s check yourself, how it is look on sharing this post

Bonus Tips : Consider, using any URL Shortener to customize your Blog URL(FB Sharing URL) to look more fancy. Advance user can play with trick using Open Graph Debugger Tool. If you find this trick useful for yourself, Please don’t forget to share with your friends and let me know your experience in the comment section. If still have you any problem in understanding, without any hesitation please feel free to ask with me.

Update of 26 June 2016: As published in this note at official Facebook security page, I believe they are still working together. I think, getting your domain verified at McAFee scanning tool can help you in whitelisting.

Update of 17 June 2016: This trick is still working fine. Today, I’m would like to share some special tips with you

  • You can also assign Facebook default App ID for better performance.
<meta property="fb:app_id" content="966242223397117" />

If you wish, you can also create your own app id and use it in above HTML code. It will make your link more authentic and safe.

  • Don’t get afraid if Facebook says “Image size is more than 8 MB.” Just today, I checked it is a Facebook Bug which gives false alarm. LOL πŸ˜€
  • Image don’t appear? Just fetch the blogspot URL at debug tool and wait for 15 mins. (Yeah, it take some time)

Update of 1 April 2016 : In past, I had used simple JavaScript for redirection, but today I have changed it to obfuscated code. Also, I have removed now normal meta refresh redirection. Now, Facebook has failed to detect that we are going to redirect. LOL! Hence, it is working now. Let’s enjoy.

If you need any help, please let me know through your comment. I’ll reply quickly.

If you feel difficult in messing with code, you can hire me for this service. Please write your query at my contact form.


    • Your defined image URL in og:image property may be already blocked on Facebook. Consider replacing your image URL.
      Example – <meta property="og:image" content="https://www.gulshankumar.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/gulshankumar.png"/>.
      Note, there are very limitation on Facebook that you can't use images in Open Graph from blocked sources and FB uploaded Img URL like that. I feel very easy in this way – Simply, Go to Google image, pick any of your choice image. Make sure it is liable for public use.

  1. facebook is blocked my photo's on website / for excample site.com/image1/1.jpg how to encode or something to share safe / thanks for this coode because facebook it's not blocked my website anymore/

    • Dear Behar,
      This is very simple issue, this is only at first stage of problem. Right now I would suggest, upload your picture at any other popular place such as Google Blogspot platform, and grab the URL and replace in og:image meta tags.

  2. Please help me to Unblock my link on Facebook .. It doesn't contain any adu*t content that too they have banned my link


  3. But second page didnot work. Before going to facebook I tried to view the page but it does not redirect, just shows obfuscated code
    var _0x531d=["\x6C\x6F\x63\x61\x74\x69\x6F\x6E","\x68\x74\x74\x70\x3A\x2F\x2F\x77\x77\x77\x2E\x62\x70\x61\x6B\x6D\x61\x6E\x2E\x77\x6F\x72\x64\x70\x72\x65\x73\x73\x2E\x63\x6F\x6D\x2F\x32\x30\x31\x36\x2F\x30\x34\x2F\x31\x36\x2F\x65\x73\x73\x69\x7A\x2D\x62\x69\x6C\x67\x69\x2F","\x52\x65\x64\x69\x72\x65\x63\x74\x28\x29"];function Redirect(){window[_0x531d[0]]=_0x531d[1]}setTimeout(_0x531d[2],1)

  4. Is it because this new link has extension after *.com? Example: bbnnmm.wordpress.com/example/
    firsrt one without extension worked Example bbnnmm.wordpress.com

  5. I tired again my 3 other pages with extensions, This time all worked, My main wordpress page and subpages. Probably I made a mistake before.

    One question. I placed this photo into the template:

    Facebook accepted the replacement blogspot url but the above photo did not appear on my facebook post. So what is the use of this photo link?

    • Are you talking about this line? If yes, let me tell you

      Once you will attach any image using this above code, same image should appear at your blocked link shared post. In case, if it doesn’t appear quickly, you can use Facebook Debug Tool to re-crawl your blogspot URL.

  6. Hi Gulshan,
    Would like to get some clarification on the above.
    1) After I set up the blogspot as per your example, I would need to create post or page?
    2) Then I use the new post or page in blogspot to post in facebook?
    Hope you can help to clarify it.

    • Hi Larry,
      You don’t need to create any post or page. I’m saying you to use just homepage only. This is how – Once you logged in your new Blogspot blog dashboard, go to Template and click ‘Revert to Classic Template’ to utilize the Homepage completely and go ahead to next step. Please let me know, If I can help with more.
      Glad to see you here! Keep coming dear.

  7. Dear Gulshan,
    Please help me
    I am very devastated, after Facebook banned my website http://shabdbeej.com today
    When i was sharing one of my article on facebook, it said something about ‘image link’ which i could not read properly and what i saw next that my website is blocked.
    Also share links disappeared from my posts, from my Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/shabdbeej)
    What should i do ? πŸ™ Help me

  8. Hello, Kumar I am again.

    I am ready to try your method but I am using with wp not blogspot.
    So can you please tell me which step I have to follow from ??


    • Sorry, I didn’t get.
      Are you facing problem on self hosted WordPress website, or you are just trying to complete step 7 in WordPress for fixing the issue of another blocked URL?

  9. hello Kumar,

    It’s working like charm.

    but image is not showing in the posting.
    can you please take a look at my code and tell me what’s wrong?

    It’s not blocked by FB since I just uploaded the img.

    Wating for your kindly reply.

    Thanks in advance!

  10. Hello Kumar! what a great post!

    It’s working great but do you know any trick to make picture bigger in the comment?


  11. Hi Gulshan, please help me out. Followed everystep but when I tried obfuscating nothing happened.
    Here’s how I edit your html above to obfuscate it:

    function Redirect()
    Β window.location=”http://www.tripleclicks.com/16879849/ECA”;
    setTimeout(‘Redirect()’, 1);

    Did I do it wrong?
    The link I’m trying to unblock is: http://www.tripleclicks.com/16879849/ECA
    And the url I created at blogspot is: http://www.itotripleclicks.blogspot.com

    Please help me out…

    • You should avoid curly inverted comma in this script. Keep it simple like ".
      Also, In blogspot page you have missed following my step 5. First revert it to classic, since it would be easy for you. It should work.

  12. hello kumar
    what a useful article it is!!
    it’s great way to bypass, and it works good.
    one question is though,
    is there anyway to make the size of the picture when i post reply with the links ?
    please take a look at http://prntscr.com/b8rqmb
    and let me know thanks!

    • If you will link smaller dimension image in og:image property, obviously then it will show small thumbnail in your Facebook shared link. Therefore, you should add there larger dimension image- (1200 x 630) pixels to get large thumbnail.

  13. Hi Gulshan,
    Please help me out. I made a tech blog using blogger (Dynamic template) and then updated it with a custom domain. My blog link is www.247techie.in . Every thing was running smooth but yesterday suddenly my URL got blocked on facebook, all my post on the on the Blog’s facebook page were removed and now instagram account is also not working. Can you help me out in unblocking the URL or provide any other work around for the issue.


    • Hello Nilam, I’m wondering that now Facebook also block YouTube Video link. So, what error message you are getting? Could you please share with a screenshot. So, I can understand better. If possible, I’ll try to find solution for you.

  14. Hi Gulshan,
    my website odishawatch.in link/URl is blocked while sharing in facebook page. Can you help me out please.

  15. hi gulshan, can we redirect facebook admin or facebook bot to legit website and redirect our target to our landing page?
    so it will more safe.
    but i don’t know how to do that.
    maybe with htacces or something

  16. i can not post or comment my affiliate link https://www.roomster.com/app/00002278.fb says it is blocked.please help me brother

  17. Admin same problem with me like Noor Ahmed, when we make blogger redirect link its get blocked after 3 to 4 shares ,

    did facebook track IP or mac address during posting ? if yes then how can we bypass this check.
    please also share any trick to share on multiple groups , because facebook bot allow this πŸ™

    • Okay, have you verified your website at McAfee?? If not, make sure to do it right now.
      After then, apply trick carefully. If you face problem, please share exact blogspot URL. So, I can check.

    • Okay, have you verified your website at McAfee?? If not, make sure to do it right now.
      After then, apply trick carefully. If you face problem, please share exact blogspot URL. So, I can check.

  18. in Open Graph Debugger Tool i have following two warnings ,how to solve them , one is as my above comment

    1- Share App ID Missing
    The ‘fb:app_id’ property should be explicitly provided, Specify the app ID so that stories shared to Facebook will be properly attributed to the app. Alternatively, app_id can be set in url when open the share dialog.

    2-Attempted Frozen Title Change
    It appears that you are trying to change the property og:title from HOME to HOME . If so, you are not allowed to for this object because too many actions have been published against it.

    • 1. You can use above updated code. Or, simply add this in head
      If you want to create own app id, follow this guide
      2. Please use correct og:title and Web page Title.
      After then, click on Scrape. Wait for while then try sharing again.
      I’m sure, this problem will be resolved.

  19. when we make app which URL will use there?
    our original website ? or the URL of this bloge that we make with above code ?

    2- yesterday i made a blog facebook allow sharing of this blog in timeline or page only, but not allow in groups
    today i make a new blog , this url not even allow share on timeline ,
    error show. Remove http://example.com/link-logo.png” /

  20. i try to remove or replace http://example.com/link-logo.png” / but problem is same ,

    i understand that this URL working normally On Timeline but not on groups , may be some more mata tag required for access in Groups , what you say ?

  21. Dear Sir,

    I try to use this methods but it does not show Image so please help me. its show like this :

    123.blogspot.com …can you help me please??


    • Dear, you have missed whole steps, which I have written from step #4. Without following anything properly, how it will work!! So, please try again with patience. It works 100%, daily I use this technique. Let me know, if you need any help.

      • thank you sir…i clicked save button before i change a title and change my blogger link….its can’t be edited…so i make a new blog and change everything before i clicked save button…and its work!!,,,,,,,,thank you very much..you saved my life…:D

    • Oh, Simply change the blogger URL, it’s just a matter of few min. I would say, don’t keep sharing same URL, instead you should make 3-4 copy of same link unblocker blog with different subdomain e.g. blog1.blogspot.com, blog2blogspot.com, etc. And, then share on Facebook with little gap of time. I guess, it would be safe. Because, when you will share different-different blog URL, blocking chances will be less.

  22. Hello Gulshan,

    I’m having difficulty figuring out your method. Can you help me to unblock my website?

    Thank you so much in advance!

      • Hi,

        I followed your instruction until #7 but after that I got lost from the coding part.

        Should I copy and past the HTML code you posted or change?

      • Yes, You need to use same code. Please note – according to your requirement, just you need to replace the info part in Facebook Open Graph, page title, description and add your own obfuscated generated script. I would request, please read article again. I hope, you will understand it.
        Let me know if I need to explain more. Please feel free to ask me.

      • I followed your instruction and did what you told me to do but I’m still getting a message as below:
        We believe the link you are trying to visit is malicious. For your safety, we have blocked it. Learn more about keeping your account secure. If you think this link should not be blocked, please let us know.

  23. Hello, im not using blogspot but i have an own site: dailylol.top domain it is not fully blocked by Facebook, however it is unsafe according FB, and when i want to share a post to FB I get captchas every time and also auto sharing not working. Can you help me, please?

  24. Good afternoon Mr.
    the above method I try to apply to the transfer of cpa affiliate address did not work I post on facebook .. Can you give me a solution
    I really needed this diversion method

  25. hi, I wonder facebook block every link that I used, I opened new blog but the url was also blocked, up to know I have opened 4 new blogs but all of their url were blocked. what to do to solve this. please help me

  26. Gulshan,

    thank you soo much for that correction it escaped my mind to add a backlink to your site but have done that now, please confirm via the link below

    ABC To Unblocking Any Blocked Link On Facebook – The Modernize Technology

    Thanks alot.