Requirements For Creating A High-Quality WordPress Website


This is an important checklist which you need to create a high-quality website WordPress.


High Quality WordPress Website

Self-hosted WordPress from is Best CMS (Content Management System) of the World. For creating a high-quality website using WordPress, It requires some technical optimization and concept of scripting languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and mainly PHP Programming language.

Top Level Domain Name

Having a .com TLD domain name is a good signal of perfect online branding. All over the world, .com has 48% share. A .com domain name is ideal because most internet users who remember your domain are going to assume you use. Domain name should be short, catchy and memorable.

Here is a great info-graphic for you to learn the importance of domain.
domain name importance

Choose Best Hosting Company

Web Hosting is the powerhouse of website performance, user-experiences and many other factors. Always go for best hosting company. Never fall in the trap of Free Hosting or Unlimited Plan offering company. According to your target traffic country, you should use country based Web Server hosting. For instance, your target traffics coming from India; you should always use Indian Server Hosting. If you are looking for cheap and best quality, then I would recommend you Creative Soch. This is the only and only hosting even WordPress officially recommends.

Prefer High-Quality WordPress Theme
Get a theme which suits your niche, business type. I have personally worked on 300+ Themes including free and premium. I recommend invest one time for premium themes and stick with for a long time. Before purchasing a good theme, inspect it source code from Top to Bottom and look at how HTML coding is outputted. If the theme is poorly coded, you should leave at that time.

Having these facilities in a WordPress theme is a good signal of High Quality WordPress Themes.

  1. Breadcrumbs for Permalinks
  2. Cross-Browser Supported
  3. Dynamic CSS, using media queries for various Screen-Size and Media
  4. Using CSS Sprite for small images
  5. Call to action
  6. Excerpts feature
  7. Featured Image
  8. Mobile Friendly Theme
  9. Prefer best framework. I recommend Genesis
  10. Responsive Layout
  11. Symbolic navigation
  12. W3C Validated HTML coding
  13. Speedy in nature
  14. SEO friendly Theme Templates
  15. JSON-LD Markup
  16. Schema Markup
  17. In-Built Reviews System

A custom designed theme can help you to stand out from crowd. A good premium theme is considered best not only by its look but also by its performance and finally your visitor experience. A best design WordPress theme can reduce your visitors bounce rate. You can easily track bounce rate via Google Analytics. Not doubt, such type of theme is offered by a popular Theme making company – Genesis. You can read here about Optimizing WordPress Theme.

Take Advantage of CDN

Leave the hosting to process PHP execution. Static content such as Images, CSS, JS, Object type of file it should be hosted on cookies free domain as well as it should be serving via CDN. It allow the web browser to render elements quickly by parallel downloading between static contents and non-cacheable contents. Also, static content should have a proper expiration timeout for caching.

Benifits of having SSL on website
It enables a secure form of browsing over HTTPS connections. It is not just for eyeball but also for encryption of Data’s which is entered on a website and served to your visitors. Benefits of using SSL are now a day, It improves visibility in SERPs as an authentic website.

Work on SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a key of Success for any type of website. A well-optimized site can bring tons of traffic every day directly from Search Engine. Organic traffic is a far better form of traffic because a visitors land on the website from its own choice. Without SEO, You can’t aspect millions of per day hits just from telling your website URL to everyone. Focus on implementing good SEO Strategy such as White hat which Google also recommend. Keep your website sharing on Social Media and frequently updated with High-Quality content. Just imagine a dream that you are managing your own business, and your SEO have been done. You can hire me to this job for you.

Use Best Plugin

Here I have created a list of my favorite WordPress plugins which you will need to enhance your website features. I always recommend the latest version and compatible plugin. If you want your website to be in a good running, you should not use those plugin which has not been updated since a year. I would highly recommend use CCAvenue plugin Method to Integrate Payment Gateway.

Optimize WordPress Installation

A successful WordPress installation always remains incomplete without doing optimizations. To improve website speed and security, you have to make some tweaks into server-side and agent (theme) side. You may want to read our complete tutorial on Optimizing WordPress for Performance.

Add professional pages

I’m very confident, that if you have implemented these above tips, your visitors will be very interested to know more about you. So, I suggest write a best about page. Don’t be shy in doing self-promotion. If you will not do first yourself, no one is coming to do for you. You should mention about your website, popular testimony, success-timeline, important recognition etc. No need to say that you should also have useful pages e.g., Contact, TOS, Website Privacy, Disclaimer, Help, etc. All these things you need to create a high quality and professional website
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