Dennis Schouten would have been involved in a stabbing on Saturday evening.

Shownieuws reports this on Saturday evening after Tubantia reported on the incident in Glanerbrug in the municipality of Enschede.

The Gossip Talk presenter is said to be one of the two injured.

The stabbing was caused by an argument in the village hall. The building has been cordoned off for investigations.

The police have made an arrest. Tubantia, the regional newspaper, does not reveal who it is.

Dennis Schouten, from Glanerbrug, says on Twitter that he is okay with a question from a follower. "I do. My brother is now being interrogated.”

The presenter tells Shownieuws on Saturday evening that he had to go to hospital, but does not assume that his injuries are serious, and that his brother was with him all evening. What exactly happened is unclear.