Top 5 Annoying Things in WP Rocket

Launched in 2013, WP Rocket seems like go to cache plugin in the first glace. It is so, however it comes with own problem as well.

# 1. Automatic Preload Sucks!

A few days back, I installed and activated this plugin on a large website with approximately 14,000 articles. The site was hosted at well-tuned Cloud VPS.

There was the immediate poor affect on the performance and faced downtime just after enabling WP Rocket. After debugging, found that Preload was consuming a lot of resources.

It was really hard time in disabling Preloading feature as it comes pre-enabled on activation.

#2. Nagging-expert Since 2014

This is WP Rocket 2.11.6, just count the number of nags.

  • Imagify
  • Allow collecting diagnostic data

As someone curious about speed, don’t you think they will go every tab eventually?

There is no need of spammy tactics to promote own agenda.


Following the legacy, in 2020 there is another big banner for RocketCDN.

#3. No option to remove Unused CSS

Are we living in the stone age or what?

We are in 2020. I don’t need to stress enough the importance of web vital. Period.


#4. They removed the NGINX Fast-CGI Module

NGINX FastCGI is awesome. It can handle more concurrent users.

Requests per second. Winner: Nginx FastCGI Cache

Guess, what?

WP Rocket killed its module in version 3.3.01 and I was totally disappointed to see this move-in favour of 3rd-party plugin: NGINX Helper which doesn’t support AMP. Sometimes, it’s needed.

Very shocking, Varnish module is still there.

#5. Poor support for NGINX

Given the price of a premium plugin, I have never seen proper support for NGINX. Most of the time, they refer to 3rd-party links.

Yes, it may be good for beginners who have no clue where to head toward. Just get hypnotised reading usual marketing stuff…!!

I hope someday it improves and becomes better. Untill then, I may not renew licence any more.

Time to look for a different plugin.

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