Gulshan Kumar is the owner and editor-in-chief of GulshanBlog. He has been writing about software for 5 years, and there’s no aspect of technology that Gulshan isn’t passionate about, especially WordPress. Gulshan’s articles have been referred to by Kinsta, OnlineMediaMasters, WPMU DEV and many others over the years.

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About my Blog

  • This blog is active since 17th March 2015. I only publish top-notch content that I genuinely feel is helpful to readers. You won’t find any sponsored content or guest posts here.

Freelancing journey

  • January 2018-2022, I was an active WordPress consultant at Fiverr. With consistent quality and timely services, some of my gigs also earned the ‘Fiverr’s choice’ badge.
  • In 2019, I joined Facebook to engage in various Groups. It helped me to scale my freelancing business to the next level.
Client reviews
Nothing made me happier than seeing my client satisfied with my services. See more reviews at Facebook page or Profile.

GulshanForum – A Community of Bloggers

From 15th Feb 2018 to June 2022, HGK was an active Blogging Forum where we used discussed AdSense, SEO, WordPress, and more.

HGK Forum

Contribution to Bug Bounty Program

In Jan 2016, I found a security bug in the ‘2-Step Verification’ process of the wordpress.com login page. The Automattic company rewarded me $100 via Hackerone Bug Bounty online platform.

Contribution to the WordPress community

  • Developed the ‘Forget Spam Comment‘ plugin to tackle spam comment issues in the default commenting system of WordPress.
  • This plugin has 5000+ active installations and 100% five stars ratings by many users.
  • It is featured on Product Hunt as well.

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