Free Domain Forwarding using Cloudflare Page Rule

If you are doing re-branding website over the new domain, you may like to redirect from the old to new URLs. This process is also known as Wildcard Domain Forwarding. You don’t need a traditional hosting services for domain forwarding purpose. Using Cloudflare Page rule we can setup redirect from old to new domain.

Cloudflare has 203 Datacenters around the world. That’s a reason, page rule allows faster redirection. Here’s the step by step process for the same.

For example, let’s see how we can redirect to domain.

Step 1. Login to Cloudflare

  • Enter your email address
  • Enter your password
  • Click the Log in button
login cloudflare

Step 2. Pass two factor authentication

This is an optional step if you are using two-factor authentication for security.

  • Enter OTP code and continue login process.
add your site

Step 3. Add your site in Cloudflare

  • Click on +Add a site button
add a site button

Step 4. Enter old domain name

  • Type your old domain name that you wish to redirect
add a domain in cloudflare

Step 5. Choose Free Plan

cloudflare free plan

Step 6. Update DNS Records

TypeNameContentTTLProxy Status

Step 7. Update Cloudflare Nameservers

  • Go to Domain Registrar
  • Update there as provided by Cloudflare.

Fun fact: It comes with prefix of Male and Female name.

Step 8. Update Page Rule

To setup domain forwarding –

  • Go to Page Rule menu in Cloudflare and setup as below.
redirect page rule

That’s all.

Redirect should be working perfectly fine. If you’ve any question, drop in comment section.

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