BunnyCDN DNS – 5 Amazing Features Spotted

The most anticipated, BunnyCDN DNS is almost there! Team BunnyCDN may soon announce for the beta program in coming months!

I have discovered five amazing features.

10 Types of DNS records to be supported

They are going to support all major types of DNS records.

  • A – Allow to pointing any IPV4 address
  • AAAA -Allow pointing any IPV6 address
  • CNAME – Allow pointing any hostname
  • MX – The Mail Exchanger record is helpful for catching incoming emails
  • TXT – A helpful record type used for verification purpose
  • SPF – Sending Framework Policy for email security
  • SRV – Services record according to RFC 2782
  • CAA – For defining specific Certificate authority
  • PTR – Generally used for some email server.
  • Pull zone – Notably, you can point your domain directly to the Pull zone. 👏

Time to Live

  • You can have a minimum of 15 seconds to maximum 1 day TTL.
  • The shorter TTL allows the advantage of faster DNS record propagation for any future changes.

Meaningful Statistics

Bunny team love representing data we can remember from past Real-Time logs feature.

The DNS analytics system will provide one-month data with detailed information about record types such as A, AAAA, CNAME, etc. Information like this generally helps in technical debugging.

Making user experience better, DNS info will also appear in the left side secondary menu.

The migration will be easier

The Import and Export feature will help in getting complete zone entries. Most likely they might support Bind format in future. This will make life easier for migration from Cloudflare DNS to BunnyCDN.

Safety Deletion

For safety purpose, the system will ask the user to confirm the deletion by typing the domain name.

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