bunny.net is reportedly working on improving DNS Infrastructure

In the early days of the Internet, when there was no existence of domain an internet user had to type the IP address to reach a website. It was not user-friendly. Now in the age of modern Internet, we have a memorable domain name assigned to some IP address.

It is the role of DNS lookup to answer the IP address for the requested domain name. Hence, DNS is called an address book of the Internet. It is better when it’s faster and reliable.

It is not common to see CDN company faciliating their services in mainly three ways –

  • Nameservers only: Cloudflare is a nice example of this category.
  • CNAME: BunnyCDN, CloudFront, KeyCDN and Stackpath supports the CNAME method. Exceptionally, Cloudflare support CNAME for Business and Enterprise customers.
  • Nameservers and IP address: Stackpath allow their customer to use CNAME and Anycast IP address i.e, or Similarly, Sucuri offers direct IP integration with optional nameserver method as well. Notably, this method offers slightly better performance.

From a CDN provider point of view, CNAME is a straight forward way. I feel it works great for general subdomain however it is still slightly slow for a custom hostname and complicates routing decision for the naked domain.

Our personal experience with CNAME over root domain name was not that great. I noticed subdomain host was routing properly while non-www routing was going off-country.


According to a recent conversation with team BunnyCDN, they are working hard toward building managed DNS service with the customer can point to their system and let handle the DNS request efficiently.

bunnycdn hint

I believe it would be game-changer. It can make life easier with easier integration for a user interested in full site delivery using storage or reverse-proxy way.

In 2020, BunnyCDN has introduced a series of new feature such as Geo-Replication, Perma Cache, Origin SSL verification. In this new array of the feature list, it would be interesting to see how their new product compares against Cloudflare managed DNS services.

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