bunny.net brings Global Network Diagnostic Tools

The web performance and security company bunny.net (Formerly, BunnyCDN) has announced free ‘Global Network Diagnostic Tools‘ for everyone. There are some new tools in this array with intuitive UI. 😍

DNS lookup

‘Speed’ and ‘accuracy’ both are equally important in DNS lookup. Using this tool, you can verify how effectively your hostnames answer DNS queries to the client requests.

Latency Test

bunny.net CDN services come with low-latency for better performance. Thanks to peering with Tier 1 partners. You can see how it performs worldwide.

HTTP Connectivity test

Any Pull Zone consists of two things – A hostname for your visitors (cdn.example.com) and the origin server address (IP or Hostname) from where bunny.net CDN can fetch content.

Using this tool, you can find whether BunnyCDN can connect to your origin or not to fulfil a request. 

In case of up, this tool will return okay with response 200, else 502 indicates Bunny couldn’t reach your origin. The underlying reason can be DNS not responding, firewall misconfiguration or Network congestion.


It helps in identifying any issues associated with your ISP and PoP connectivity. There is a small chance when a website cannot be reachable. In such case, ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT message appears on the browser. The traceroute is a powerful network Diagnostic tool that debugs packet transmission from one destination to another. It is critical to have fewer hops within a reasonable time frame to deliver an excellent experience to the end-users

Website Test

This tool can help you in verifying whether your website properly configured with bunny.net CDN services or not. For example, it can debug if your static assets are ready to deliver over CDN or not. Happy to see all green signals.

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Diagnostic Report

For proper routing and excellent speed, a device network adapter should have a reliable DNS configuration. This tool can check your ISP internet speed for a Standard tier and Volume Tier zone.

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