Forward Email from cPanel to Gmail Inbox

Having multiple email address is easy but checking each mailbox is a time consuming and a toughest job. Use this trick to manage all webmail emails in one Gmail mailbox.

Now you can easily get rid of inbuilt email clients of cPanel such as – Roundcube, Squirrel Mail, etc. Using this technique, you can send and receive emails from multiple custom email address at one Gmail ID.

webmail in gmail

To configure webmail in Gmail, simply follow below two steps

  1. Forward cPanel e-mails to a Gmail address
  2. Send Email from Gmail via SMTP


  • Access to the Hosting cPanel
  • A Gmail account

Forward cPanel Email to Gmail

Step 1. Login to your cPanel and go to Email accounts section

cPanel email accounts

Step 2. Select your email, from More drop-down option click on Access Webmail

access webmail

Step 3. Go to Forwarding Options

forwarding email option

Step 4. Click on Add Forwarder button

add forwarder

Step 5. Enter your email address, on which you want to receive your all emails of your custom domain email. Then, click on Add Forwarder button.

forward to email address

Step 6. You will see a confirmation message like this.

custom email to gmail

Send Email from Gmail via SMTP

Now go to Gmail Settings

gmail settings button

Step 1. Under Accounts and Import option, Click on Add another Email address

add another email address 83927321 1

Step 2. Enter here your custom email address & click on Next Step

enter another email address

Step 3. Find SMTP details which by clicking ‘Configure Email Client‘ option under email section of your cPanel. (Ref: Step 3). You can also contact from the host for getting SMTP information.

configure email client

Step 4. At configuration page, you can find your SMTP server name and PORT no.

webmail smtp details

Step 5. Depending upon your hosting environment. Few host allows to access mail over PORT 25(non-secure), and few strictly requires SSL/TLS settings due to security concern. My host requires secure settings. So, my setting will be as follows. Although, I recommend using 587 port.

gmail smtp config

Step 6. Now, It’s time to verify the email address to send email from custom domain via Gmail. Kindly, Check your custom email inbox, click on confirmation link.

verify custom domain to gmail integration

or, manually enter the verification code. Both should work perfectly fine.

enter verification code

Step 7. For your convenience, you should choose ‘Reply from the same address the message was sent to.

reply from the same address the message was sent to

Step 8. You can test it via composing a new Email. You will see it is working fine and now you can send the email to anyone with your custom email address, without opening cPanel web-mail client.

compose email

Step 9. You can set your custom email in Gmail as your default email for compose email dialogue box. This feature you can get at Gmail setting > Accounts and Import.

In HTML mode of Gmail, you can’t change ‘from email’ directly from composing mail box, so this technique will improve the experience of using Email even on slow Internet connections.

set default custom email address in gmail

Kindly don’t compromise with Security. I would highly recommend you to keep update your mobile number and make sure you enable 2-Step verification in your Gmail Account Settings. Since you know well that Gmail is not like Yada..Yada fake Facebook account. You might be using Gmail ID to sign in so many other Google services and Third-Party application too. Hence, security of this email is extremely important. You can manage this settings at under sign in option.

I’d highly appreciate if you could share feedback or suggestion for this article. Thanks.

✅ How do I forward my cPanel email to Gmail?

Login to cPanel and setup e-mail forwarding by going to E-mail accounts forwarding option.

✅ Does Gmail block forwarding?

No, Gmail doesn’t block forwarding.

✅ How long does Gmail forwarding take?

Generally, 5-10 minutes. Follow this guide properly step-by-step.

✅ Is forwarding cPanel e-mail to Gmail Free?

Well, this method is limited for sending and receiving email. But, if you want to host email directly on Gmail Server, and apart from email-hosting if you want to enjoy full access to Google service then you should surely prefer Google Workspace.

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16 thoughts on “Forward Email from cPanel to Gmail Inbox”

  1. Avatar of Preston McAfee
    Preston McAfee

    There is a problem with this article: gmail and outlook will generally tag email forwarded this way as spam, because of a SPF fail or softfail. Email forwarded this way appears to come from a random server owned by your host, and not from your domain.

    There is a simple fix: don’t use forwarding. Both gmail and outlook are willing to check email directly; go to settings and add account. Check it with security (995 pop3, 465 outgoing SSL). This just works and you get the benefit of effective spam filtering from gmail or outlook.

    To be clear, if you want to use gmail to check [email protected] and [email protected], where is your domain, you can forward [email protected] to [email protected] and just check [email protected], because forwarding “inside” your host works fine. But forwarding to gmail or outlook gets tagged as spam most of the time.

    • Avatar of Gulshan Kumar
      Gulshan Kumar

      Hi Preston, Thanks for your feedback at my article.

      • Avatar of adzlan

        Hi Gulshan,

        Is there any workaround for the spam issue? I tried to use direct email check as suggested by Preston but somehow my gmail is having problem connecting to my cpanel mail sever. Not sure how to fix that thus if you know the solution to forwarding as spam issue, please let me know.

        • Avatar of Gulshan Kumar
          Gulshan Kumar

          my gmail is having problem connecting to my cpanel mail sever.
          This is not helpful for me to understand your query. Could you please share any screenshot or particular error message?

          • Avatar of adzlan

            Sorry for my poor English, I meant to ask about Gmail sending forwarded emails from Cpanel webmail to the spam folder. I would like to know if you know of any way to avoid that?

          • Avatar of Gulshan Kumar
            Gulshan Kumar

            1. Login to Gmail from the Desktop
            2. In the Search bar, type to:[email protected]
            3. Click on Show Search Option > Create a filter > Choose Never send it to spam. See Screenshot for help.
            4. Make sure you’ve correct SPF records at DNS as per email hosting server.

            If you feel above process is too difficult, I would recommend going with G Suite instead.

  2. Avatar of Mr. KingsHOK
    Mr. KingsHOK

    Thanks a lot for this guide. It have actually helped me to configure my email client properly.

  3. Avatar of Pruthvi

    Finally, I learned how to get free email with own domain. Thank you.

  4. Avatar of Amit

    Hi Gulshan,

    Thanks for this important idea.
    I have implemented this for my blog email ID and I forwarded it to the Gmail personal ID. I found that when we receive the email to blog’s email id then it took few more minutes to reach at Gmail inbox.

    If we directly configure the blog’s email id to any app, then it will come there real time.


  5. Avatar of Bob

    Hi, how can I get the mail on my phone using gmail and a custom domain?

  6. Avatar of The Sewist
    The Sewist

    Dear Gulshan!

    Thank you for this post! Thanks to you I was able to send/receive custom emails through gmail.

  7. Avatar of Satinder Singh
    Satinder Singh

    Hi Gulshan,
    Nice post, also i want to know what this actually mean “Note: Well, this method is limited for sending and receiving email” ? I mean after following whole above steps( receiving and sending email), is it working only for 30 days or more ?

    • Avatar of Gulshan Kumar
      Gulshan Kumar

      Hello Satinder, Thanks for kind words.

      The above step which you learned about forwarding, will work for lifetime as long you will have custom domain linked to any Gmail id.
      Please note, the limit comes with self hosted email, I’m not saying about Gmail for this whole steps. Suppose, if you have very busy email so chances are it will use more resources which your hosting can’t handle or they may set daily limits over it. So, it is my personal recommendation that for every business email always go with Google Apps for Work. It comes with 30 days free trial. After then, they will charge $5/mo.

      If you have any more question, or need help with anything please let me know.


  8. Avatar of Janaki vamsi
    Janaki vamsi

    Hi, This is awesome post and you are saving our money for buying custom emails. I would really appreciate you ! 🙂

    • Avatar of Gulshan Kumar
      Gulshan Kumar

      Hi, glad to see you here. Thanks for your kind comment.

  9. Avatar of Sameer Panda
    Sameer Panda

    Good post Gulshan. I have implemented this trick for one of my company business mail. Thanks for sharing.
    Very useful.